Accounting Fraud

If you are a business owner then it is quite natural to worry about what would the impact be if your company faces financial losses and the news becoming public knowledge. Yet, if you are a part of a public company and attempt to control its financial data in order to protect your job or you betray investors then you are at risk of committing accounting fraud. Leading federal agencies like that of the Securities and Exchange Commission usually investigate the financial statements of a company for quite some time prior to the prosecutors going ahead with an accusation. Once they have the evidence against you in hand that will result in your conviction they will bring charges against you swiftly. You will have to face a prosecutor who has damaging evidence. The best thing you can do in this situation is to consult a professional and experienced Pittsburgh federal criminal lawyer at Logue Law. In fact, your search for a good Pittsburgh criminal lawyer will end with us.

What Exactly is Federal Accounting Fraud?

You may have heard the term federal accounting fraud yet you may not be aware of what it is or what may be its consequences. Well in simple terms it is when information related to finances is presented in a deceptive way or manipulating the numbers of your company in a misleading way. If you happen to mislead in any way you will definitely have to pay for your deeds. In fact, you will be put behind bars for accounting fraud. Some of the common examples of such fraud include inflating income and assets, hiding bonuses or executive gifts, hiding assets for avoiding taxes, represent liabilities less than it is, represent expenses less than it is, represent losses less than it is and report sales when it is not completed amid others.


If you are convicted of such fraud chances are you will be imprisoned or be subject to fines. Violating the security laws intentionally can put you behind bars for a period of 20 years and provide a fine amounting to $5,000,000. In the case of a corporation, they can be fined about $25,000,000.

Why Consult a Lawyer?

When you have been convicted of a fraud charge naturally you will face inflexible laws along with a determined prosecutor. Here the assistance of the best Pittsburgh federal criminal lawyer will act as a savior as they will help you in determining your choices and attain the finest outcome as per your circumstances. The top Pittsburgh criminal lawyer of our company will review every aspect related to your case carefully for determining if there is any proof for what you have been accused. They will make all efforts for discrediting the evidence which is by no means is in your favor. Our Pittsburgh criminal lawyer will help you resting on the circumstances of the case. They will collect the proof or witness to prove it. The Pittsburgh federal criminal lawyer will check every avenue which will help you. It is crucial that you provide them with all of the information you have and show complete transparency which will help them help you.

If you have been charged with such a crime, automatically the consequences will be devastating. We will fight persistently to safeguard your rights. Our attorneys will guide you every step of the way.

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