ALR Hearing

Increasing incidents of DUI has become a major problem for the law enforcement agencies. They have made the roads unsafe with crashes and injuries being reported from every corner of Pennsylvania. Naturally the law enforcement agencies have come down hard on this problem. When charged with this offense your license or that of your loved one can be suspended for a period between 6 months to 18 months depending on previous record of charges. In such an event you would be served with a Notice of Suspension and failing to schedule an Administrative License Revocation hearing within 30 days would see your driving privileges being suspended as per the state laws. It goes without saying that you need the services of a seasoned attorney who specializes in DUI/DWI related matters.

What You Need To Know

As per the law in the State of Pennsylvania the officers would take your license when you have a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.08% or above. Likewise, if you refuse to take the breathalyzer or blood test your license can be taken away. Here are some other things that you need to know about the law -

  • Failure to schedule an ALR hearing can lead to suspension of driving privileges 40 days after you have been charged with the offense

  • These hearings do not determine the validity of the suspension/revocation action taken by the law enforcement agencies

  • Not driving isn’t considered as an acknowledgement of suspension

  • This hearing cannot be used to reduce the suspension or revocation period of your license or orders related to ignition interlock requirement

  • Surrendering the Pennsylvania license in another state doesn’t qualify you for credit scores or serves as an acknowledgement of suspension

  • The Department of Transportation doesn’t entertain hardship or extenuating circumstances while determining the eligibility for OLL (Occupational Limited License) or PL (Probationary License)

  • You have to pay $100 fee for the hearing which is non-refundable

How Can I Help You?

Your Administrative License Revocation needs to be fought hard and skillfully and that’s what I would do as your attorney. I am attorney Sean Logue and at my law firm I specialize in DUI/OUI charges. I enjoy a 10.0 Avvo rating which is a testimony to my success in defending the rights and privileges of my clients. I shall approach your hearing clinically and prepare clear and concise statements including all facts and matters that are essential to the case. Using my knowledge I will prepare a clear argument in your favor as to how your rights as a citizen were violated and why the license revocation was illegal and how the arresting officers didn’t follow the due procedures.

An ALR hearing is your best opportunity to cite valid reasons why your license shouldn’t be suspended and why you shouldn’t be denied of this privilege. I shall do all the groundwork required to tilt the arguments in your favor and protect your interests.

If you have been served a suspension notice and wish to discuss your plans for an ALR hearing come to my office for a free consultation. You can call me at 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805 or get in touch with me online.