Bankruptcy Fraud

If you or any of your acquaintances have been accused of any form of bankruptcy fraud, relax, help is here. Contact one of our top Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyers at Sean Logue Law. Our Pittsburgh Federal Criminal Lawyers possess the skills and knowledge to help you get the finest results of your case. It often happens that due to severe financial pressure you may end up filing for bankruptcy and as a result conceal some assets in order to prevent the bankruptcy court from knowing it all, but if you do, nothing can stop you from being convicted of a federal bankruptcy fraud.

What is a federal bankruptcy fraud?

When you have surplus debt which you cannot handle you have the choice of filing for bankruptcy particularly in the federal court. This way the creditor cannot sue you or snatch your property for collecting on your debts. Based on the information that you provide to the court the judge will make determinations regarding the property you have as well as the debts that you owe. It is this data that will help the judge to take decisions as to how to repay the creditor. If the asset is concealed or you provide false information this will be a civil or a criminal offense.

While filing for bankruptcy, it is illegal under the federal law to knowingly and with intention:

  • Conceal assets
  • Hide or destroy financial records
  • Offer false statements
  • File a false claim
  • Bribe a court-appointed trustee or creditor
  • File for bankruptcy in various states simultaneously

A creditor that files a fraudulent claim or even make untrue statements regarding the manner in which a debtor makes payments can be convicted of a bankruptcy fraud.

What are the penalties?

Bankruptcy fraud of a serious nature can go to the federal court. In this regard, the prosecutor will definitely seek punishment which will include 5 years of imprisonment and fines of approximately $250,000. This is a serious offense which is thoroughly investigated. It is your financial situation that will dominate a huge part of your life. So do not risk your life being destroyed or tainted by being convicted of a bankruptcy fraud. Simply join hands with our Pittsburgh Federal Criminal Lawyer and see how our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer provides you with respite.

Ways in which a lawyer can help?

From the moment you are accused of a bankruptcy fraud you will face inflexible laws along with a determined prosecutor. Most importantly, you will require a good Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer that can assist you in determining all your choices and attain the finest result for your case. As this is a highly serious crime which is prosecuted in the federal court and investigated via the IRS you will require the help and guidance of an experienced Pittsburgh Federal Criminal Lawyer that can litigate your case passionately to assist you to get the best outcome.

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