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Bar Liability / Dram Shop Claims

Accidents Due to Aggressive Driving in Pennsylvania

Aggressive drivers operate their motor vehicles in a hostile way with disregard towards others on the road. Accidents involving tailgating, abrupt or frequent lane changes, and speeding are quite common not only in the state of Pennsylvania but all across the globe. Speeding is arguably one of the most dangerous driving actions. According to PennDot there is a driving fatality every six hours in Pennsylvania. Twice as many people lose their lives in road accidents caused by speeding than they do to homicides. If you have been injured in an accident due to an aggressive driver contact Logue Law Group, Pittsburgh, PA’s injury lawyers.

What Actions are Being Taken to Stop Aggressive Drivers in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law takes aggressive driving very seriously. Every licensed and well-trained driver in Pennsylvania is expected to abide by and maintain the traffic rules and regulations. The ones who practice reckless driving and cause injuries to others for their own negligence are held legally responsible for these damages. Pennsylvania is a modified comparative fault state which means that the negligence of the plaintiff can be reduced but not bar, along with his or her recuperation unless he or she have been more negligent than the defendant. The law enforcement officials work closely with the Pennsylvania Traffic Safety Network to prevent such aggressive driving including speed racing, speeding, tailgating, and running red lights. Pennsylvania strives to decrease the number of accidents caused by aggressive driving. The Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Program (PAADEEP) works to crackdown on aggressive driving. This statewide program studies crash data to identify where aggressive driving is most common. They utilize public training and awareness, media coverage, and visible and saturated police presence to try and stop dangerous aggressive drivers. The public is encouraged to call 911 if they witness an aggressive driver on the road. Noting the license plate number, make and model of the vehicle, the road which they are on, and direction of travel can help police catch unsafe drivers. The conviction of an aggressive driving is a severe moving violation. If proven guilty, there will be major consequences including hefty fines, suspension of driver’s license, points on license, or increase in the rates of insurance, along with the chance of imprisonment. The consequences of course increase depending on injuries or fatalities caused by the aggressive driver.

What to do if You Have Been Injured in an Accident Due to Aggressive Driving

A credible and adept Pittsburgh, PA injury lawyer can provide you the right assistance in helping you build a strong case. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a driver’s aggressive driving, recklessness, and negligence, you will be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other kinds of damages related to the accident. In order to understand whether you have a strong footing in the case, you should contact our Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyers for a free evaluation. Contact us online or call Logue Law Group, your local personal injury lawyers, at (724) 350-8995 today for a free evaluation.Bar Liability / Dram Shop ClaimsBar Liability / Dram Shop Claims Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

Most states have laws against over serving patrons once they are visibly intoxicated. Such kinds of bar liability regulations are known as the dram shop laws and are basically used to provide protection to motorists from drunk drivers. Any Pittsburgh, PA injury lawyer can tell you that according to the simple law in Pennsylvania, every nightclub, bar, casino, and restaurant cannot serve more alcohol to a person who appears to already be drunk. If the restaurant or bar is found to have served alcohol to a customer who eventually causes a car accident while going back home, the bar will be held legally responsible for the damages brought upon by the drunk driver they over-served. If you have faced injuries in an accident or collision with an over-served drunk driver, you can contact a Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyer who specializes in dram shop liability cases and has the proficiency and experience to file a bar liability suit against that establishment.

Signs of Visible Drunkenness

In case of a lawsuit that seeks compensation for injuries or damages created by a pub, casino, or a bar serving alcohol to a person when he or she is already visibly intoxicated, Pennsylvania uses the dram shop laws as the single civil remedy. These don’t depend on the BAC or blood alcohol content to justify the negligence. The people in charge of serving alcohol must have the power of discretion to understand and identify the signs of intoxication such as poor balance, loud conduct, fighting, bloodshot eyes, staggering and slurred speech etc. Most of the time, when confronted, servers don’t admit to having served alcohol to a particular patron who is already exuding signs of intoxication.

Such legal regulations can be complex and challenging. That is precisely why one would need a Pittsburgh, PA Injury lawyer who has dealt with dram shop liability cases in the past. Moreover, visible intoxication cannot be proven very easily by simply showcasing that the alcohol was served to a person despite him or her being completely intoxicated at that moment, even if the interpretation of the dram shop laws in Pennsylvania was liberal. According to the repeated statements by the Appellate courts, the plaintiff must prove that the alcohol was over-served to an already drunk person. The only determinant, therefore, remains how the person appeared to be and conducted himself without taking any medical records into consideration. But a toxicology expert can further give an opinion regarding whether the customer seemed drunk depending on the blood alcohol content when the last alcoholic drink was provided to him or her.

Sometimes, people might not be identified as intoxicated in spite of having a very high blood alcohol content. Therefore, one should consider the BAC level along with other factors which also contribute to the belief that the person was indeed intoxicated at that time. Here, the testimony of an eyewitness is more crucial than the BAC, which will only be considered as circumstantial evidence. According to the dram shop laws, there is a major stress in the visible evidence by a rational person than someone who was drunk.

Dram shop laws exist to provide protection to patrons and those operating motor vehicles. By contact Logue Law Group, we can provide you with renowned and experienced Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyers who can assist you in all your court proceedings and claims against the bar or restaurant who served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. Contact us online or call us at (724) 350-8995 to setup a free consultation.

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