Beaver County Man Charged with DUI, Stealing Car from Dealership

I just wrote the other day about how drinking and driving isn’t the only poor decision DUI defendants make (remember the pants-less Aliquippa woman?). Many times a DUI isn’t the only charge a person accused of drinking and driving will face.

That means an open lewdness charge for the aforementioned Aliquippa lady, while, for others, it could be a charge of disorderly conduct or even criminal mischief. Some might be facing drug charges because they had a baggie of prescription pills in the car or were caught huffing aerosols.

For a New Sewickley man, a DUI is coupled with theft and other possible charges.

Here’s what happened: Police pulled over a 21-year-old man for not having a proper license plate, and ended up charging him with DUI and theft after officers allege he stole the vehicle from a local car dealership.

According to media reports, police also allege the man had a 0.12 percent blood-alcohol content, as well.

I said it before and I will say it again now: Driving is a privilege and not a right, and should be treated that way.

If you intend to drink and know you will have to drive, it’s always prudent to have a plan in place.

It could be to take a walk or get something to eat – waiting for that BAC to drop. It could be downloading the Uber app to ensure that you have a sober driver to get you home. Or maybe it’s calling a friend for a ride home.

Each of these plans does not require a criminal defense lawyer who deals in DUI defense, or a couple days off work to attend court hearings.

While stopping to get a bite or calling to get a ride from Uber will cost you some cash, I assure you it won’t cost what I – or any other qualified criminal lawyer who focuses on DUI defense – will charge to represent your interests in court. In the long run it’s easier to install an app or ask a friend for a favor, rather than facing allegations and hiring a Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer later.

A DUI conviction can have some serious repercussions on your future. Being imposed with huge fines or levied with a substantial period in jail is what has been court mandated, but the effect of a DUI charge goes beyond this. The DUI conviction is permanently put on your criminal record as a result of which it becomes accessible public information. So, it may so happen that your current or future employer might come to know about this grave matter and your future career opportunities may be doomed forever. Even if you were intending to apply to a graduate school, it could seriously jeopardize your academic aspirations too. Thus, you must at all times try to avoid such dire circumstances.

However, if unfortunately, you get caught in such a bad situation, you must seek help from an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer. A defense lawyer is well-versed about the general laws of the state and can guide you effectively with regard to the criminal proceedings. If you choose a competent and reputed lawyer, he will come up with various successful strategies so that you can get a favorable outcome for your case. Ensure that your Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer is experienced enough to take you out of these kinds of circumstances.

The man I mentioned clearly regrets his actions, based on what he told the media. He said he would like to be able to erase the previous few days. He added that he hopes people learn from his mistakes and keep walking when they see a situation like he did – a vehicle with the keys in the ignition.

I agree with the guy when he says it’s stupid and that it can only lead to trouble. I hope my readers listen to him.

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