Super Bowl Sunday Deadly DUI Day

Are you ready for some football?

Sunday is The Big Game – the Super Bowl. For many, it’s a day devoted to watching football with friends – and those gridiron get-togethers are usually fueled by various dips and appetizers and a bunch of beer.

Here’s the thing: Law enforcement is also familiar with how Super Bowl parties roll, and they are on the lookout for drunk drivers.

If you’re weaving over the center line, blow a stop sign or fail to put on a turn signal, guess what? Any of those actions would give police officers watching and waiting for drunk drivers to make their way home an easy decision to pull you over.

If that isn’t enough to make those planning to party hearty on game day arrange for a designated driver, sleeping arrangements or alternate transportation, this might provide more incentive to do so: According to a new report, your chances of getting involved in a DUI-related crash are double on Super Bowl Sunday (as opposed to any other Sunday). Five years of California crash data showed an increase in alcohol-related crashes resulting in deaths and injuries of 77% on that Sunday.

I will repeat the advice I offered around the New Year’s holiday: Don’t tempt fate.

It’s a lot less expensive to arrange for Uber or Lyft to take you home than to risk getting behind the wheel after having enjoyed a few more adult beverages than perhaps you intended to.

Or you can call a cab. Or beg your friend to let you crash on their sofa.

Speaking of friends, if one of yours is too drunk to drive, don’t let them. Offer to drive them home, call them a cab, Uber, or Lyft, or let them crash on your couch. I can guarantee you’ll feel guilty – and possibly face criminal or civil charges - if you let them get into their car and later they died or killed someone else because they were drunk. Show you care, and don’t let them try to convince you they’re fine when you can see that they’re not.

Take it from this criminal defense lawyer who represents DUI clients in Morgantown, Pittsburgh and beyond: You don’t want to deal with a DUI.

In addition to thousands of dollars in fines, myriad court dates and license suspensions, those charged with driving under the influence are often featured in newspaper articles that list their full names, age, home addresses and details of the alleged violation. But if you are facing an issue of this sort, you need to immediately get in touch with a Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer.

Therefore a DUI conviction is indeed quite a serious one in Pennsylvania. As opposed to other sorts of offenses related to driving, a DUI conviction is put permanently on your criminal record. You may be liable to serve substantial jail time, may be asked to pay huge amount of fines, and of course, your driver’s license will be suspended. However, the effect of a DUI conviction can go far beyond what has been mandated by the court. Your criminal record is also accessible as public information. And, if your current or future employer gets access to such details, your chances of maintaining the job or acquiring one can be jeopardized. It might also be a huge risk if you are looking forward to obtaining any kind of a professional licensure. If you have plans to apply to any graduate school in the future, it might also pose a problem with your academic aspirations. So, you must be very careful whenever you are driving on the road and must at all costs, avoid driving if you are inebriated. But if unfortunately, you get caught up in such a case, immediately call an experienced criminal defense lawyer. An experienced Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer will be able to help you out with the court procedures.

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