3M Military Earplug Lawsuit

3m Earplug Lawsuit and How Pittsburgh 3M Military Earplug Lawyer Can Help

3M limitary earplugs have been supplied to the army in the field in order to protect their hearing ability even when exposed to the loud sounds of bombs, firing, and missiles. There are hundreds of lawsuits by veterans now claiming that the 3M earplugs that have been supplied from 2003 to 2015 are ineffective. As they don’t hold onto the ears too tight of the user, it lets the loud noise slip through, and that has contributed to hearing issues, deafness, and many other problems who have returned from the field. If you or your loved one has used 3M earplugs that have impaired your hearing, then you need to file a lawsuit claiming damage. And in that case, an experienced Pittsburgh 3M Ear plugs Lawyer can help you out.

At Logue Law Group, we have been working with various veterans who have filed all these lawsuits and our Pittsburgh injury lawyer for each case is ensuring the claims get the most favorable outcome. Come to us and we will proceed on your behalf too.

Things to Know About 3M Military Earplugs

Post 9/11, many veterans have come back home with the problem of hearing, ringing in the ear, and other auditory issues. Being exposed to the extremely loud noise of the explosion has made military personnel more susceptible to disabilities like noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. Unlike civilians, they don’t have a choice to avoid such noises. That is why earplugs that can prevent their ears from such loud noise can help.

In July 2018, according to the announcement of the U. S Department of Justice, 3M Corp. agreed to pay $9.1 million for settling the whistleblower False Claim Act suit that has said that the company is selling defective earplugs knowingly to the military.

The allegation was against 3M and their predecessor company Aearo Technologies Inc. that sold Combat Arms Earplugs Version 2 to Defense Logistics Agency knowingly that the earplugs are shorter and for properly inserting in the ears of the user.

These earplugs are dual-ended which can be used as traditional plugs as well as flipped into an open position to attenuate sounds of explosion while letting through quieter noise. Once inserted, these plugs will gradually become loose which will result in complete failure of preventing loud noise.

3M company has been accused of selling defective and ineffective earplugs even after knowing the problem. At the same time, they also prevented other competitors to sell similar products to the army. They launched a patent infringement litigation in 2012 that was aimed at Moldex-Metric’s Battleplugs. Currently, this gets purchased by the defense as the result of the litigation went in favor of them.

CAEv2 earplugs by 3M were the only standard device used by the military from 2003 to 2012. And in fact, it was the only earplugs that army got from 2003 to 2012.

Military Hearing Injuries Due to 3M Earplugs

Acute exposure to intense impulse sound of an explosion or continuous exposure for a long period to loud noise like gunfire, sound of the engine rooms, or aircraft carrier can be the cause of hearing issues and tinnitus for anyone.

Around 60% of veterans have reported auditory disabilities after leaving the army. According to reports in 2014, 933,000 veterans were receiving compensation for hearing loss while at least 1.3 million were receiving compensation for tinnitus. If you or your loved ones have been in the military and have come back with the hearing issues and any kind of disability, then Pittsburgh 3M Ear plugs Lawyer can help you move forward with your claim for the compensation.

Seek Help From Pittsburgh Injury Lawyer

At Logue Law Group, we understand your plight. After serving the country for years, you definitely deserve all the benefits that you are entitled too. And the negligence of a profit mongering company cannot deprive you of the quality of your life that you deserve. Our Pittsburgh injury lawyer will listen to your case and ensure that your claim gets the most favorable outcome.

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