Does Failing a Field Sobriety Test Equal Being Guilty of DUI?

Field sobriety tests are examinations the police and state troopers use to determine if a driver is likely to be intoxicated. Usually, there is a trio of tests given when a suspected drunk driver is asked to perform field sobriety tests. They are the one-legged stand, the nine step walk and turn, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus, which is also called an HGN test.

These tests have been approved by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, and have been standardized so that everyone who takes them should respond one way or another. This is supposed to make it easier for cops to identify drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Failure to pass a field sobriety test does not mean you are drunk. The tests are not easy to pass, even when a driver has not been drinking at all, and is in a controlled environment, inside a building on a flat surface. Most of the time, a field sobriety test is given outdoors in whatever weather happens to be out there. It is often dark, cold, and windy, snowy, or rainy. The surface of a roadway, which is generally where a field sobriety test is given, is rarely nice and flat. Instead, it has bumps and dips from the wear of tires and upheavals due to heat and cold. Judges and prosecutors know that these tests are difficult to perform in perfect conditions. Cops are asking people to walk nine steps in a straight line, then back nine more and hold their foot in the air for thirty seconds, in bad weather. Just because you didn’t pass those tests does not mean you were drunk, especially if there is no evidence from the officer’s dash cam video.

In addition, certain medical conditions make the tests difficult or impossible to perform. Not everyone is able to walk a straight line, even when sober, and not everyone has the ability to balance themselves on one leg for even a couple seconds.

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