Duties at a Stop Sign

Duties at a Stop Sign

Getting distracted at traffic intersections is not at all uncommon. But, if you have driven through a stop sign without stopping, then you can expect some trouble. There is a high chance that the police might pull you over if you fail to observe your duties at a stop sign. If you are in this situation, give a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney a call.

One or more moving violation tickets can lead to major issues or difficulties like suspension of license, hefty fines, rising insurance premium costs, points on your driving record, etc. With consequences like those, you should always fight the ticket because it is totally worth it. Only a successful and experienced Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer can help you minimize or even dismiss these problems. And he or she can also make sure that your rights are fully protected.

Things to Know About Failing to Stop for a Stop Sign

In Pennsylvania, traffic rules are quite strict, and you should be really cautious while driving. When approaching a stop sign, stop at the stop line painted on the ground. If you notice that there is no stop line at the intersection, then you need to completely stop before the crosswalk.

If there is no crosswalk, then make sure that you stop at the point nearest to the intersecting road so that you can have a clear view of any approaching traffic. If you still can’t see any traffic, then you should yield right of way to any person or pedestrian, and then slowly move forward until you see any traffic. Don’t cross the intersection until you feel it’s totally safe.

In a 3 or 4 way intersection which is controlled by stop signs, you have the right of moving if yours is the first car to arrive. If you are not sure about which car arrived first, then the car on the right should go first.

If you fail to stop completely, roll through the stop sign, drive through without stopping at all, then you have broken the law. If there is a police officer nearby, they will most likely issue you a ticket. Once you receive one, do not delay in contacting an esteemed criminal lawyer in the Pittsburgh area. Only he knows the various tactics of discrediting evidence, appealing in the court of law, etc. You can contact Logue Law Group for getting in touch with some of the best attorneys in town, who has sufficient experience in fighting cases involving duties at a stop sign.


If you are accused of failing to stop at a sign, then three points will be added to your driving record.

What Should You Do if The Police Pull You Over?

Here are some suggestions for you if you ever get pulled over by the police. And you must remember one thing – you should never get angry during the interrogation as this might go against you.

  1. You should turn off the ignition but don’t get out of the car.
  2. Don’t argue with the police officer, be calm and polite.

Follow these two suggestions and trust me, it will help you immensely during the court proceedings.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help You

Once you get a ticket for neglecting your duties at a stop sign, you shouldn’t delay in contacting a traffic ticket lawyer in Pittsburgh. You will need professional help and advice throughout the entire procedure because it requires an ample amount of experience and knowledge in order to turn the case in your favor in the court of law.

To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced and dedicated Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer from Logue Law Group, contact us online or call (412) 612-2210 or (412) 612-2210. We are available 24/7.

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