Electronic Evidence in Domestic Abuse Defenses

How important are cell phones in a domestic abuse case? Plenty. Not many know about the way electronic evidence can play a crucial role when you are charged with domestic abuse or undergoing an arrest. In Pennsylvania, domestic abuse is not a separate charge. It falls under the criminal code of the state acting upon which penalties and arrests can be made. The state has made strict provisions because of which you need a trusted Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer and well-informed platforms regarding the laws about this particular state. Logue Law Group is here to help. We have compiled all information related to electronic evidence in domestic violence cases, which will help you and your lawyer to prepare a strong defense.

What is the Pennsylvania Domestic Abuse Law?

Under the state's command, these are the situations that are considered as domestic abuse-

  • If you are intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily harm to family members, spouse, or partner. This body harm may be of any kind- rape, indecent assault, sexual assault, statutory sexual assault, incest, aggressive threats or intent to cause bodily injury, etc.
  • It will be a case of domestic abuse if you are creating fear of bodily harm to a family member, spouse, partner, or minors.
  • If you are threatening someone with false imprisonment under the Pennsylvania code.
  • Domestic abuse charges are taken seriously when sexual or non-sexual assault against minors is committed.

When you face such a dire situation in life, it is best to trust the expert. Attorney Sean Logue has represented many defenses as a Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer. He can be contacted for consultation, 24*7 at (412) 612-2210.

How Can Electronic Communications Help You in Preparing a Defense?

If your family member or spouse has filed a PFA against you, it is crucial to use time judiciously from then on. As early as you plan your next step, it will be easier for you. Most of us carry electronic devices everywhere. It is always in our pockets or within our reach. These electronic devices will prove to be helpful for you in preparing a defense.

A good Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer will suggest you search in your electronic devices for any kind of proof that might be recorded. This step is for those who have already been arrested. In case you are about to be charged, take the necessary steps to prepare a strong defense. A good old phone recording or text exchange with the victim which speaks in your favor will create a strong defense.

These are the kinds of electronic evidence that are accepted in Pennslyvania-

  • Emails, text messages, or app messages between you and the alleged victim can establish the fact that you were not harming or attempting to harm them. If the texts contain proof of the victim admitting to acting violently against you or your children, the case may turn in your favor.
  • Call recordings have been used times in the courts to establish a good defense. Your lawyer may say that your spouse has called and threatened you and the call recordings will be your proof.
  • GPS can establish your location at the assault and if it proves that you weren't present at the time of the assault, your attorney will be able to put up a strong case.

Whether or not you have electronic evidence, it is best to trust a skilled Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer who has handled domestic abuse defenses before. Attorney Sean Logue is your best guide in cases like these. He can be contacted at (412) 612-2210 for free consultations. Do not let charges take control of your life, let Sean Logue make it easy for you!

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