FAQ on PFA for Victim

Have the relationship with the person you share in the household has become abusive? If yes, then surely you are dealing with some serious situation. The abuser might try to take away your dignity and might convince you that there is no respite for you to be saved from this, but it is not true. You have the right t seek legal protection that will make you stop the abuser immediately.

If you are in a situation like this, you need to get legal assistance so that you can stop the abuser. And that can happen with getting a PFA order. Protection from Abuse or PFA order will stop your abuser from not only assaulting you but also sharing the same house with you. Come to Logue Law Group right away and get the rightful justice that you deserve with the help of our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer.

You must have many questions about the PFA order. In the following points, we have tried to answer them.

What is the Difference Between a Restraining Order and a PFA Order?

There is no difference between these two. PFA or protection from abuse is the term that is used in Pennsylvania in cases of abuse. This also requires the abuser to stay away from the victim and even leave the home after getting served the order much like restraining order in other states.

I Need Protection Now. What Can I Do?

With PFA, you can get emergency protection. This is a temporary type of protection that will stop the abuser immediately to affect you in any way. This order will be issued by the magisterial district on call judge. This will give you the protection over night and after that, the next business day, you will have to proceed to the court to get longer PFA order.

How Does the PFA Order Protect Me?

When someone gets the PFA order, they immediately need to stop contacting you right away. They cannot disturb you in any way possible including call or texts. They will be prohibited from contacting your family or friends too. If they possess a firearm, that will be relinquished. They will be prohibited to get new weapons too. Violating the PFA order will be a contempt of court that will give the abuser six months of imprisonment and $1000 fine.

Will PFA Protect My Children?

Yes, PFA will not only protect you but will protect your children too. The abuser loses child custody even if it is temporary. Also, the PFA order will prohibit the abuser to connect with the shared children and to stalk them to school and so on.

How Can I Get Legal Assistance?

While emergency PFA will save you from immediate danger, you will need to apply for the final PFA that will be effective for three years. Even though the defendant will get to present their argument, your Pittsburgh PFA lawyer should ensure that you get the rightful justice.

Come to Logue Law Group. Our lawyer is experienced in handling PFA cases and has helped many victims. You will get the best outcome with us. Call us for a free consultation.

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