Motorcycle Accidents

Pittsburgh, PA Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

In the case of motorcycle accidents, there is already a preconceived notion that the driver must have been reckless. This helps the defendant to claim compensation after the accident, often unlawfully. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident while driving yourself and want to stand your ground, then it is necessary that you get in touch with a professional Pittsburgh, PA injury lawyer. To win this uphill battle you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

When it comes to motorcycle accident injuries, it is often more fatal for the rider and the passengers than car accident injuries. In a car or in other vehicles, there are safety features of the car involved to protect the person who is sitting behind the wheel. However, when someone is riding a motorcycle, there is only the gears and helmet that can protect them. That is why, when it comes to injury from a road accident, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than others. In many cases, motorcycles are not clearly visible for the other motorists on the road, therefore the chances of an accident increases.

According to the reports of PENNDOT, in the year 2014, 3,368 motorcycle accidents had been reported amongst which 186 were fatal. In the case of motorcycle accidents, the ratio is pretty high, compared to the number of motorcycles out on the road. According to the rules in Pennsylvania, riders under 21 are required to wear a helmet while riding. However, riders above 21, and properly trained, are not required to wear a helmet all the time. This can be a leading cause of the increasing number of motorcycle fatalities.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by a collision with a fixed object as well as poor road conditions or the weather. In such situations, the accidents are often fatal. If not death, then it causes serious and lasting injuries for the riders as well as the pillion riders. For such accidents, the rider and the victims are entitled to get the right compensation that only an experienced Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyer can offer them.

Since, in most motorcycle accident cases, the drivers are considered to be aggressive in their driving, it is often used against them as an argument. If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident and the blame is being placed unfairly on you, contact a Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyer who can defend you and get you the compensation you deserve.

The four aspects of a motorcycle accident is often covered in the case of claim:

  • Duty
  • Breach
  • Damage
  • Causation

A professional Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyer can help you out with the proper insight in these factors and also can tell you about the merit of your case. To hire a lawyer like that, get in touch with Logue Law Group today and get the right compensation recovered from the liable party for the accident. Dial our number for a free consultation (412) 612-2210. We are on your side.

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