Pennsylvania ChildLine Appeal Lawyer

If you have been convicted for a crime that involves a minor or you are suspected of abusing or neglecting a minor, you will be ChildLined. Your name will be recorded in the state wide registry as an alleged abuser of a child by state agencies. If your name is placed in this registry, you will be restricted from pursuing a specific career or in the school of your child or any other activities related to minors. 

Getting accused for child abuse is a serious problem in Pennsylvania. Often such allegations are false and exaggerated. And that is why you need to consult an experienced Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer. At Logue Law Group, we have fought for the cases involving ChildLine situation. Our lawyer will be able to help you too.

The ChildLine Registry

ChildLine is a part of Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare. The main aim of this registry is the protection of the children from abuse and neglect. Even the bystanders can call the toll-free number about the suspected child abuse case. If the allegation seems to be a plausible one, then the ChildLine and the General Protective Service will launch a countrywide program to gauge the danger of the children abused in a similar way. The accused of the alleged abuse or negligence gets notified that their name has been included in the registry for child abuse.

The consequences of this can be severe. If your name is included in the registry, then you will be prohibited from the jobs that involve minors in social, professional or private settings. If you are a parent and your name is listed in the registry, you will be prohibited from getting into activities involving your child. The same can happen if your business employs children in any form.

The attempt of this is noble. But it is often misused. Your name might be included in the same list with pedophiles and actual child abusers. That is why often civilians claim that the inclusion of their name in this registry is actually a disservice for them from the department, especially when they are not abusers or neglectful towards minors.

The Process of ChildLine Appeal

If you are facing the allegation as per the ChildLine, then you get a specific period of time for appealing so that the allegations can be expunged. This will mean that the name of the alleged abuser will be removed from the registry and all the related documents will be expunged too.

Once you get notified about the allegation, you need to appeal immediately within the given period. Once you submit your appeal, the hearing officers will revisit the facts of the case as per your request. The accuser will need to present plausible evidence for these allegations. Otherwise the case will be dismissed.

Consult Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer

If you have been notified by ChildLine that your name has been included in the registry, then don’t panic. Before anything else, give our Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer a call. Logue Law Group is here to help you.

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