Perfluoroalkyl Substance or PFAS

Government Remediation Lawsuit for Perfluoroalkyl Substance or PFAS

We, Logue Law Firm, are investigating the complaints from the government entities currently that involve pollution from Perfluoroalkyl Substance or PFAS. This is a substance made of chemical compounds and used in manufacturing, industrial process or household products and so on. This is also known as carcinogenic. Because of the large-scale usage, PFAS has been detected in public and private water supplies all over the country. The remediation is expensive and that is why our Pittsburgh PFAS lawyer is here to help you for getting the cost recovered for removal or remediation for PFAS.

How are PFAS Used?

For companies like 3M or DuPoint, PFAS has been a major source of yearly revenue for $1 billion. It is a complex component used for water creation and stain repellant in textile. Apart from that, it is used on spray-on coating, lubricants, paints, and polishes. This way, it also adds to the $100 million revenue every year.

This carcinogenic ingredient is used for the following manufacturing processes:

  • For extinguishing foams and flame retardants
  • Pesticides
  • Ink
  • Hydraulic fluids used for aerospace and auto industry
  • Components for color copiers and printers
  • Medical devices
  • Metal plating
  • Food packaging
  • Coating for non-stick cookware
Impact of PFAS on Environment

The usage of PFAS for several decades has caused a severe impact on the environment. In the published report of Environmental Working Group 2017, 27 states across the USA have PFAS contamination that is affecting around 15 million Americans. This compound is found not only in the blood of human beings but also in domestic animals as well as wildlife. Being highly resistant to the natural degradation process, it stays in the environment almost indefinitely.

Medical Consequences of PFAS

The impact of this chemical compound on human and animal health is vast. PFAS is recognized as a carcinogen that can cause kidney or testicular cancer. The following disorders are also caused by PFAS:

  • High cholesterol
  • Pre-eclampsia or toxemia can be potentially dangerous for pregnancy
  • Dysfunction in the thyroid in children can become cancer
  • Development disability or mental impairment
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Infertility
  • Blood disorder
  • Ulcerative colitis

A Pittsburgh PFAS lawyer can help you get the compensation so that the costs of treatments also can be covered while removing PFAS too.

How Does PFAS Enter Water Supply and Where?

Generally, PFAS enters the water supply through industrial waste. The common places for this are rivers and streams. However, if the waste is exposed to the ground, then with rainfall, it can make its way into the underground aquifers. As it is non-biodegradable, it accumulates its way into the food chain.

PFAS is also used for fire foam as well as lubricant and hydraulic fluids. As a result, the zones around industrial areas and military bases can become highly contagious. According to the report of Environmental Research in August 2018, around 6 million Americans are exposed to the contaminated water supply which exceeds the EPA advisory level. A recent study shows that it is not just the city water supply but also the Atlantic seaboard, California Cost and Puget Sound considered to be contaminated with it.

Removal of PFAS

The process of removing PFAS from the water supply will require Granular activated carbon as well as minute filtration methods like reverse osmosis. The equipment deploying and the process can cost $1 million which can be a huge burden for any affected community.

Currently, Logue Law Group is working with private and government entities to recover the cost of PFAS removal and helping the communities getting a healthier water supply. If you and your community are affected, then come to our Pittsburgh PFAS lawyer right away.

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