PFA Orders and Employments

The charges of domestic violence come from complications and can lead to further complications for the defendant. When you are facing the charges of domestic violence, it will put you in a difficult situation. A charge like this can involve criminal law and family law. When a person is charged with a criminal offense, it might create a tricky situation with the employers. In the case of domestic violence, the problem can be severe. It can affect the person’s standing, reputation and rights. This can happen when the defendant gets the notice of PFA.

At Logue Law Group, we have dealt with many PFA cases where our clients got favorable judgment for them. If you got the notice of PFA, come to us to consult a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer.

PFA Orders in Pennsylvania

The PFA order is a court order and it gets issued when the victim alleges the offender for domestic abuse. PFA or protection from abuse order will serve as a shield to protect the victim from the alleged abuser. In Pennsylvania, there are different types of PFA that a person can get. The first type is an emergency PFA order. This can be issued by the on-call judge and can give protection to the abused for a limited time. This will be issued in the situation of emergency. The plaintiff can also file Ex Parte PFA at the court. But in both of these cases, the defendant might not get to know that the PFA case has been filed against them.

In both of these cases, the defendant gets a notice from the court stating that the PFA has been issued for them. The defendant is supposed to be present at the court on the date of the final PFA order. For this one, the defendant will get a chance to present their defense and evidence to fight the charges. Even if the judge grants the final PFA, the defendant has the opportunity to ensure that their terms get considered by the judge for this.

How PFA Can Affect You In Terms of Employment?

You might be surprised to know that when you get PFA, it will affect your life in various ways. Even though technically, the PFA notice is not as serious as a criminal charge, but the employer might be interested to know if you have any kind of legal matters pending or not. This is more important for the jobs that require the certification of the state, for the legal, medical or professional field. Even if the defendant might not be in these fields, yet the PFA order can affect their standing and the place they are in.

Connect With Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer

At Logue Law Group, we have handled many such complicated PFA cases where the employment of the defendant came at risk. Our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer is experienced and will defend you aggressively in court. We understand how difficult it must be for you to deal with and we ensure that we will guide you through the process. Call us today for a free consultation.

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