The Bankruptcy Process

The Bankruptcy Process in Pennsylvania

Are you dealing with a trying situation financially while drowned by the debts? Looking for a fresh start financially? If yes, then filing for bankruptcy can be a good option for you.

The Initial Consultation for Bankruptcy

The beginning of the bankruptcy process is about consultation. For that come to us at Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law Group and get a consultation from our experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer. Our lawyers are highly trained and capable as they can take care of the case while help you understand your options better. Keeping your current situation in mind, we will discuss your potential options so that you can get a proper idea of what you can opt for. If we find that filing for bankruptcy is the ideal option for you, then we will guide you through the process too. We will discuss the filing, the paperwork and then we will evaluate your case. Once you are coming to us, all the calls from your creditors will be directed to us. They will not connect you any further.

Consultation is a crucial process for bankruptcy and during this, you will get to know about consumer bankruptcy and the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. We will also tell you about which will be the most suitable option for you. We request you to disclose all the financial information to us so that we can guide you in the right direction.

You will be asked to come for a second meeting where we will obtain the necessary legal and financial documents from you. The petition for bankruptcy will be filed during the second meeting.

Bankruptcy Hearing for Chapter 7

Once the petition is filed, in 4-8 weeks you will get the notification for the chapter 7 hearing or meeting with your creditors. In the hearing, the court-appointed trustee will be there along with you and your attorney. The trustee will review the petition, the information provided in there, the documents, and then will recommend the discharge. Approximately 60-120 days later you will get the discharge. Your unsecured debts will be paid off while the secured debts will remain there for you to pay.

Bankruptcy Hearing for Chapter 13

A Chapter 13 filing and its hearing will be similar to that of chapter 7 hearing. The only difference is that the meeting will be presided over by the full-time trustee. A repayment plan will be suggested by the debtor and their Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer. This plan will be provided to you from our end and the necessary discussion will happen on this plan during the second meeting. The trustee and the creditors will get a month for raising an objection. Next, will be the meeting of the confirmation where we will be representing you as you are not required to be there. For confirmation, we will make the necessary modification in the plan according to our prior discussion.

Credit Counseling

The Bankruptcy Law or BACPA after the amendment of 2005 has made it compulsory to get credit counseling for the debtors. We will suggest you the right agencies from where you can get credit counseling prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case.

For more details or insights come to Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law Group. Our Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer is here to help you.

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