The Reason That Can Lead to Bankruptcy Denial

When it comes to the dates for legal proceedings, they are important benchmarks set by the court of law. For case filing of any type, including civil or criminal, these dates are important, and in case if you fail to be present on any of these dates, the case might get kicked out before the judge gets to hear any argument on your defense. When you are appointing a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer, you need to make sure that they are not just experts in necessary documentation but also manage the filing requirements by the deadline quite diligently. While this process is going on, you can also keep a few simple rules in mind that will help you understand and perhaps help you in the process.

You Need More Than Technology to Save You

Yes, technologies like phones, emails, messages have made lives much easier. But the catch is, you have to use them in the right way and at the right time. If you procrastinate and keep the task for the last minute, it is likely to cause some problems for you. Most of the states including Pennsylvania have been adapting to electronic filing requirements for bankruptcy and other cases. Now, often, the last-minute server issue or computer crash can be a normal thing in this matter. But the court won’t listen to this reason and give you an extension on the filing date. Hence, keeping the deadline in mind is necessary for your Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer.

No Relief for Ultimate Filing

The unfortunate thing is that you are filing for bankruptcy only which is Chapter 13, 7, or otherwise. The court gets hundreds of petitions and motions to consider which allows every filer to get an extension of the deadline for their cases which can push back the decision for months and even years. In several cases, including federal and local, the court has ruled that they don’t have the authority to cure an untimely bankruptcy filing. For bankruptcy filers, it becomes nearly impossible to mount the other effective cases if the paperwork is not done on time.

Making Work Easier for the Lawyer

Dealing with a challenging situation like bankruptcy can be a difficult thing to do. You probably don’t have the slightest energy to even crawl out of your bed and make financial decisions. But still, to ease the problem and to ensure that you don’t fail any deadline, you can extend some help to the Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer you are appointing.

Yes, our legal firm, Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law Group can take care of the monumental task of documentations. But you can help our lawyer out with bringing and sorting some documents by yourself. These can be bank statements, tax returns, and so on. If you can provide the lawyer with these documents, it will be much easier for them than obtaining them from the government. Also, it will save a lot of time. This can speed up the filing process while reducing the chance of missing the deadlines.

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer to deal with this whole process, connect with us today.

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