Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Filing Bankruptcy?

There is an old saying you must have heard, the man who represents himself has a fool for an attorney. In the USA, for many types of court proceedings, including both criminal and civil cases, the private individuals might serve as their own legal counsel. However, when it comes to bankruptcy, the rules are slightly different. For corporation or partnership businesses, it is compulsory to retain a legal advocate who will represent them in the court of law. But for a private individual, they still can go forward with filing bankruptcy on their own. However, our Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer thinks that is a serious mistake. You are anyway dealing with a huge financial problem. Now, if you are not appointing a lawyer, you will be the reason for your further ruin. So, get a lawyer as soon as possible.

Long-Term Consequences on Your Finances

The regulations dominating bankruptcy are pretty technical for a layman. While you are filing, a simple error can make things go haywire for you. An error from your end can allow your creditors to continue with their pursuit of your personal assets that will include your personal property and home. One error can lead to the denial of all protection that will save this harassment. Also, on top of that, bankruptcy is a complicated financial situation that will surely make you overwhelmed and cloud your judgment. In a situation like this, it is impossible for you to understand how important it is to consider long-term implications on your finances.

Hiring a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer will help you deal with your goal of being out of debt. In fact, they can help you find out a different path that will not include bankruptcy, and yet you will be out of debt. You can emerge with better credit ratings while the court sells your assets and that leaves the creditors in the larch for the balances.

Immovable Filing Deadlines

When it comes to submitting court documents or legal papers, dates are important. The deadlines for filing for bankruptcy are usually set in stone and according to the ruling of the court, it doesn’t have the authority to move the deadline date. You have other priorities to take care of, including going to work, paying bills, taking care of spouses and kids, and so on. While you are trying to catch up with the deadline, the court might think that you are not taking it seriously. But when you are appointing a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer, they will take care of the paperwork on time when you can continue living your life.

Dealing While Not Understanding

When you are filing bankruptcy, your creditors might approach you asking for settlement and new terms for credit or loan so that you don’t include their loan in the bankruptcy filing. While these offers might be tempting, it is always a better idea that you consult a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer so that you don’t again end up in a terrible and crushing financial debacle.

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer to guide you through the bankruptcy process, come to us at Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law Group. We are your best shot.

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