Why Do You Need to Hire a Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer?

When you are dealing with some really difficult financial situation, it is natural that you will be worried. And if you are thinking that filing for bankruptcy is the only option you have, it is natural that you will need legal representations. Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law Group has been in this sphere for a very long time. We have dealt with hundreds of complicated cases where our clients got awarded with the most positive outcomes. Our experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer is here to help you.

Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

As there are many misconceptions attached to it, people generally don’t want to file for bankruptcy. But you might be amazed to see the long-term benefits that bankruptcy has to offer for your finances.

  • Many unfortunate incidents in life can bring you to a place where you might have to get into unsecured debts. Huge medical bills, credit card bills and back taxes. Maybe you have paid for something crucial with the credit card. These debts won’t go away by themselves. And you don’t deserve to carry on your debts for all your life. When you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, these unsecured debts will be wiped off from your record.
  • If you have fallen behind your mortgage payments, then maybe you are about to face foreclosure. You can effectively prevent it from happening by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It will buy you some time while putting you on track with the restructured payment plan. With a majority of debts wiped out, you can catch up with the mortgage payments.
  • When you are filing for bankruptcy, you are getting an automatic stay on your debt. Your creditors might have hired debt collectors or planning to file litigation for you. This automatic stay will help you keep these problems at bay. During the stay, your creditors cannot pursue you or contact you in any way possible.
  • Often people who take car loans might owe more to the bank than the worth of the vehicle. If you are filing for bankruptcy after 910 days of purchasing your car, then you can potentially minimize the monthly payment.
  • After you file for bankruptcy, you will again on the right track. With most of the debts wiped off, you will get a chance to catch up with the priority payments which will help you reestablish your credit score again.
  • Finally, there will be no huge bills to pay or no harassment from the creditors. You will be at peace.
Why Do You Need an Experienced Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer?

When you are filing for bankruptcy, you are in a bad place financially. So, it is obvious that you don’t want to add up to the financial burden. Hence, you might decide to file by yourself or go for pro se representation. While there is no legal prohibition in doing so, you need to understand that this is not an ideal option. If you hire an experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer, you will be benefitted in the following ways:

  • You will get sound advice on which type of bankruptcy you should opt for according to your financial situations and goals.
  • The lawyer will explain the legal jargon and bankruptcy regulations with more clarity which will minimize the chances of mistakes that might lead to dismissal of the case.
  • The lawyer will ensure that you meet all federal requirements for filing.
  • The lawyer will offer better protection from the violation of your rights as a debtor.

So, if you are looking for an efficient Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer, come to us at Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Law Group today.

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