CDL Penalties

Pittsburgh CDL Penalties Attorney

CDL or Commercial Driver's License allows individuals to drive certain types of vehicles used for commercial purposes. The reason such special licenses are issued is to make sure that the individuals driving trailers and buses have the required skills and qualifications to operate such heavy vehicles. It is to ensure that the highways are safe for other drivers. If your CDL is suspended or you have been charged with violations, the consequences can cause serious issues with employment.

Why Should I Fight These Charges?

As per the law in Pennsylvania, CDL holders cannot afford to make even minor mistakes while driving their vehicles. An offense that may lead to a few points on a non-CDL holder’s license can automatically cause suspension of license of a CDL holder. You can be charged for taking the wrong route, driving an overweight vehicle, over hour violations and even not adhering to proper notations on your logbook. Offenses for CDL holders have been divided into three categories: (1) serious traffic offenses, (2) railroad or highway grade crossing offenses, (3) major offenses. Here are some of the common offenses that can result in you being issued a ticket.

  • Improper passing on the right or left
  • Improper passing on a hill,
  • Improper passing at a railroad crossing or intersection
  • Improper passing at a bridge or tunnel
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit 15 mph or more
  • Reckless driving
  • Failure to negotiate RR crossing
  • Refusal to submit to chemical testing

These charges and convictions can have severe consequences on your employment. The process of issuing tickets also has its own flaws and, in many cases, people are falsely charged.

It is important that you hire a seasoned Pittsburgh Traffic attorney like Sean Logue, who specializes in CDL Penalties and Offenses, to fight these charges and protect your rights and privileges.

How Can I Help You?

Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Attorney Sean Logue specializes in CDL offense and other traffic violations. As a 10.0 Avvo rated attorney, I have successfully defended hundreds of clients. I bring in methodical approach to your case and am well aware of the huge consequences that suspension of driving license can have on your career. I would make every effort to discredit the evidence that has been gathered against you. Investigations are a part of my approach to every case as I am passionate about proving the innocence of my clients.

Suspension of CDL or points off your license can have serious consequences on your job and life. You should contest these charges in the strongest manner possible. I, as a Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Attorney would investigate the matters related to your case and would offer you the strongest possible representation.