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Collateral Damages in a PFA Order

The domestic violence cases in Pennsylvania have seen a disturbing rise in the last 30 years. Although the state does not have a separate domestic violence law, the act in itself falls under the category of other criminal charges. Lawmakers have made stricter provisions, like higher penalties and punishments for the person who commits the crime. Protection from Abuse Order is taken seriously in Pennsylvania. Like other restraining orders, PFA's are issued when an alleged victim of domestic abuse seeks protection from the alleged accused. It has been seen that PFA's are issued in emergencies mostly so the case at times does not always have all facts and figures of domestic abuse. The main focus of the law is giving protection to the alleged victim so that they are safe and secure. Sometimes it can be that the defendant has not committed the act or is not a violent person by nature, but when a PFA is filed, he/she has to maintain distance from the protected party.

A PFA can only be charged by parties who are-

  • Family members
  • Household members
  • Parents of the same child
  • Current or former sexual partners
  • Current or former spouses

Family matters are a tricky business for the court. It usually takes a long time for the law to decide who is in the wrong. If the case is domestic abuse, it becomes even more complicated. Sometimes the facts of the PFA Order do not match with the present circumstances. At times it can also be noticed that the restricted party is not even at fault. However, since the order is taken seriously, everyone has to act according to the law. PFA Orders have vast connotations and it might be tiring for you to find well-informed answers to your queries. Logue Law Group is at your rescue. We have compiled all important information related to PFA Orders in Pennsylvania just for you!

What Are the PFA Charge Consequences in Pennsylvania?

There are many immediate impacts on the party upon whom the order has been passed. You will have to maintain zero contact with the protected party; in case you will live the party, the house has to be immediately vacated. If the order has been levied on a parent, he/she will cease to make any contact with the. Social media communication is also restricted from the alleged accused's side. A good Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer will advise you to not go against the court order otherwise the consequences will be terrible. Alongside the immediate consequences, many collateral damages take place in the life of the alleged accused.

What Are the Collateral Damages of Eviction in a PFA Order?

PFA orders are usually levied against a person who lives with the victim. Since the nature of the Act is to protect people from future risks associated with domestic abuse, if you are found guilty, there has to be a stop in your cohabitation with the accused. You cannot at any terms cohabit with the victim that the PFA order protects. In general, shifting house is a daunting experience, and when one is forced to move under the charges of domestic abuse the situation becomes more terrible.

If you are evicted due to a PFA order, renting any other place will become difficult for you. A PFA Order will be on your records even after a PFA has been lifted. Landlords do not prefer leasing property to people facing an ongoing PFA or having a history of PFA Order issued. It will be a blot on your records for the rest of your life. There are a lot of financial worries on the way to a sudden eviction. In any case, you cannot communicate with the victim for help, which makes the situation dire. However, getting hold of a skilled Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer who will defend you in these tough times, is a necessity. He will make sure that all the issues you are facing are presented in court, to get maximum relaxation.

What Are the Collateral Damages of Custody Loss in a PFA Order?

A PFA order can have many different kinds of emotional damages for the restrained party. The situation becomes even direr when there are minor children involved. After a PFA Order has been released you would not be allowed to meet or talk to your minor children and the immediate custody of the child will go to the accuser. It has been seen in many situations that the accuser is an unfit parent and yet the restrained party cannot do anything to change the situation.

Minor children are in the most damaged situation. They are bound to suffer the most when one of their parents is separated from them. Counselors who deal with childhood trauma victims have agreed that most children had one-parent custody issues. When such a situation occurs in your life, the best way out is to hire the services of a Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer. He will be the best guide on how to minimize the emotional damages to your child.

What is the Career-Wise Collateral Damages That Occur in a PFA Order?

There are many damages that your employment status may see after a PFA order has been issued against you. If you are someone willing to change your jobs, a good background check on the behalf of the company will reveal the PFA order issues. There are fewer chances of your employment if the PFA orders get in the notice of your new boss. Employers are hesitant to keep such an employee on their team.

Another common circumstance that has been observed in Pennsylvania is the common workspace shared by both the restricted and the protected party. If the protected party is in the same company as you, there are zero chances that you can keep working there. As the court orders you to maintain distance and zero contact with the protected party, you must resign immediately to avoid further penalties.

All of these difficult circumstances will be made easier with an experienced Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer who will defend your case. Sean Logue is your best guide in Pittsburgh and West Virginia area. He has successfully defended many domestic abuse cases when a PFA order has been released by the court. With him, you can find the best solutions o all your queries and minimize your damages. Call him at 844-PITT-DUI(748-8384) to solve your worries now!

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