Criminal Record Expungement

Having a criminal record, even after successfully winning a case, is the most damaging part of being charged with a crime. It can be extremely difficult to obtain employment because of the background checks that will be conducted on your career and life history. It is extremely discouraging when you pass the interview, but your prospective employer dismisses your application because you have a criminal record.

Unfortunately, it may not matter whether you have successfully dismissed your case or are found not guilty. Simply being charged, because of the stigma surrounding the case, is damaging enough. Even if you have made a mistake, everyone deserves a second chance. An experienced Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer like Sean Logue will help you go through the expungement process, which can clean your record.

Facts about Criminal Record Expungement

“Expungement” is a court-ordered procedure in which the legal record of a person is erased from the public record. The expungement procedure will vary according to the state or county in which the crime was committed. In Pennsylvania, a lawyer can petition the court to expunge your record as long as your case meets certain requirements.

In Pennsylvania, if your charges are dropped, dismissed, or withdrawn, or, if you took an ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition) program because you had a DUI charge, there is a provision to expunge your criminal record.

There are many factors that are considered in determining if your case satisfies the requirements for getting your charges expunged. You need the assistance of a professional Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer like those at Sean Logue Law who understand the process of criminal expungement.

Eligibility for Expungement

The process you must follow for getting your charges expunged is not simple; your eligibility for expungement depends on a number of factors.

  • It depends on the jurisdiction of your crime and the law within your jurisdiction.
  • Expungement is not always possible for all types of criminal charges. It depends on the nature of the crime and how you have dealt with it.
  • Expungement depends on the amount of time that has passed since the conviction.
  • The process also depends on your criminal history. In Pennsylvania, expungement is possible, but some states like New York do not allow for criminal records to be erased.
  • Having criminal records sealed and getting them expunged are two different things. If the record is sealed it means it is no longer available to the public; potential employers, banks, private investigators, etc. are prevented from seeing them. However, the record is still present in the context of the criminal justice system and can be accessed in the event of a future crime.
Hire a Lawyer

The process of expungement is complicated. You will require a good Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer like those at Sean Logue Law, who have experience in getting clients’ records expunged. Your lawyer will file a petition for expungement with the Criminal Division of the Department of Court Records. Call Sean Logue Law today for a dedicated and diligent attorney to assist you through the process. For a free consultation and to get the process started, call us at 1-844-PITT-DUI or (412) 389-0805, or contact us online.

Want to learn more about criminal record expungement?

A description definition of expungement, as well as the process involved, can be found in the Pennsylvania Criminal Code under Title 18, Chapter 9122.