Drug Conspiracy

In order to check drug menace, law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania often charge the most unsuspecting people with Drug Conspiracy. In fact many consider it the scariest of drug charges. This law is often misused as anybody known to a person who has been arrested for possession, distribution or manufacturing of drugs can be charged with Drug Conspiracy. If you or one of your loved ones has been charged in this offense you should be prepared for a long drawn out legal battle as prosecutors are likely to complicate things by slapping other criminal charges against you. In such an event you should immediately get in contact with a Pennsylvania drugs crime attorney who enjoys a proven track record and would fight for your rights.

What You Need To Know

Drug Conspiracy charges are very serious and come with steep fines and prison sentences. Here is what you need to know -

  • Prosecutors try and prove that you violated the law and were knowingly part of the conspiracy and demand harsh punishment

  • Charges vary depending on the type of drug, the amount of drug involved, prior conviction and even based on the involvement of weapons in the crime

  • Even if knowingly or unknowingly you played a small part your charges are grade in the same line as the main accused in the crime

  • Conviction results in a permanent criminal record and can also lead to suspension of driver’s license up to 6 months

  • When your house is being searched or you are being arrested refrain from talking to the police or giving out any statements as this can be used against you

How Can I Help You?

I am attorney Sean Logue and have been helping my clients in cases related to Drug Conspiracy for more than a decade. I have successfully defended hundreds of clients in drug charges and have had the cases against them dismissed. As a Pennsylvania Super Attorney my 10.0 Avvo Rating is a testimony to my track record. I along with my team would carefully review all the charges that have been slapped against you and carry out the necessary investigation before preparing your defense. Defending your rights is our primary objective. I shall discredit all evidences that have been gathered against you and prove how your Constitutional rights have been violated during the investigation. Since I have handled complex cases related to drug charges I am well versed in the law and would use it to your advantage during the litigation.

Drug Conspiracy is a serious offense and anybody convicted in this crime would see his/her life ruined. It is important that you stand up and fight against these charges to protect your name and fame in the community. I shall offer you all the legal help you need and would constantly keep you updated on the best course of legal action depending on the circumstances in your case.

If you want to sit for a free consultation in a Drug Conspiracy case you can call me at 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805 or get in touch with me online.