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Underage DUI

A DUI is always a serious thing. But, when the person getting the DUI is underage, it becomes even more so. The number of underage drivers who drive while intoxicated is disproportionately large. As a result, there are harsh penalties put into place in the law to keep young people from driving while intoxicated. If your child has been arrested for underage DUI, the advice of a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney can be invaluable.

A trained and dedicated Pittsburgh DUI attorney can help keep a DUI charge from destroying the future of an underage drunk driver. Asking for alternative penalties is one method. Others include fighting the charges and getting the court records sealed if there is a conviction. Young people faced with DUI charges need to know that their attorneys will be proactive in seeking out a good resolution to their case. An underage driver’s future educational opportunities and employment are at stake.

Underage DUI Penalties in Pittsburgh

For adult drivers, the legal blood alcohol content limit is 0.08%. An adult whose BAC is above that will be charged with DUI. For an underage driver, meaning a driver who is under the age of 21, that level is lowered to 0.02%.

Pennsylvania’s Criminal Code, Section 3804, lists potential consequences for an underage DUI. These consequences increase and are based on the driver's prior offenses. First-time offenders generally face jail sentences of up to 90 days and fines of $300 to $500. If the blood alcohol content of the driver was above 0.10, the drivers driving privileges could be suspended for up to one year.

The second time a person is convicted of DUI, the jail sentence is a minimum of five days but can go as long as six months. The fine associated with the charge is between $300 and $2,500. Additionally, the driver faces a one-year license suspension. Additional or subsequent offenses come with increased penalties.

New laws passed in 2018 make repeat DUI charges a felony, with prison sentences of five years or more attached to them. If the DUI accident causes a death, the penalties are even worse.

Drivers who refuse to submit to blood, breath, or urine tests to determine blood alcohol content face additional penalties, including driver license suspensions of one year.

Drivers convicted of DUI face additional consequences outside of the courtroom. Insurance rates, already steep for teenagers, can skyrocket because of the DUI conviction. Sometimes drivers are dropped from their insurance company altogether. In addition, some colleges and employers exclude candidates for having a criminal record.

Consequences for Underage DUI Offenses Related to Education

Students who are drivers convicted of DUI may find themselves appearing at a disciplinary hearing at their school.

Different schools use different procedures, but a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer can advise you on the best way to defend yourself during that hearing, or he may be able to speak for you. It's important to know the best way to defend yourself, because you may face a suspension or expulsion at this hearing.

A conviction for DUI can ruin the future of a young person. Obtaining the best representation available is the only way to ensure you get the best outcome possible, saving your educational and employment opportunities. Sean Logue and his associates at Logue Law Group are highly trained in DUI law, traffic stops, and the science of blood alcohol testing. Their dedication and expertise have helped hundreds of people get their DUI charges dropped or dismissed. Give them a call today at 1-844-PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805. If you prefer, they can be reached online here. They offer free consultations and are available 24/7. Logue Law Group serves Pittsburgh, PA, Ohio, and West Virginia.

For the best outcome to your child’s underage DUI case, you should call Logue Law Group immediately. To delay could mean the difference between the future you want for your child, and the one you want the least for him or her.

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Mr. Logue came to me for my consultation, which was nice! He helped me better understand my situation so I could weigh my options. He kept me updated on any new information about my case, and I could always easily contact him if I had any questions. I knew I was in good hands, and I got the best possible outcome for my case! Anonymous
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