Federal Drug Crimes

Federal crimes are the most serious in all of criminal defense — in a federal case, the all but unlimited resources of the federal government will bear down to convict and sentence a defendant. These crimes are also more frequent than people think; when someone is caught with a certain amount of drugs on an interstate highway possessing substances, firearms, paraphernalia or some combination thereof, the charge can be brought at the federal level.

One of the most prosecuted offenses under federal law is drug crime. A diligent federal prosecutor can build a strong case against you if you are accused of manufacturing, trafficking, or transporting illegal drugs across state or US borders; and they may impose maximum penalties on you.

The following are the drug crimes that may be tried in the federal court:

  • Manufacturing Drugs
  • Cultivation of Drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Smuggling drugs in and out of the country
  • Importing drugs over national borders & transporting them across the state
  • Mailing drugs across state and/or beyond the US borders
  • Drug distribution & sales
  • Possession of drugs with the intention of distribution
  • Drug conspiracy
Federal Charges

The federal court system takes help of the complex sentencing guidelines in order to determine how a person convicted of a federal crime can be punished.

  • There are 43 different slots of the federal criminal offenses. A convicted individual is further assigned additional points depending on other factors such as their past convictions.
  • Depending on the combination of these factors, you will be categorized into four sentencing zones with a specific range of serving period allotted to each zone that they have to serve in the federal prison.
  • Owing to additional or mitigating factors, the sentencing judge can increase or decrease a sentence you have been asked to serve.

The system of the federal court is quite complicated and its procedures are majorly different from the ones in local and state courts. Most of the criminal defense attorneys do not try cases in the federal court. If you have been charged with federal criminal offenses, it is absolutely essential to be represented by a legal advocate who has the relative experience with the federal court and has a thorough knowledge and understanding about its exclusive sentence guidelines and proceedings.

Depending on the quantity, type of drug and other aggravating factors, a federal charge can represent an end to life as one knows it.

If you or someone close to you is facing a Pittsburgh federal drug crime, it is crucial to protect your rights as soon as possible and to partner with an advocate who will aggressively fight for you.

Our attorneys at Logue Law are prepared to put our experience, knowledge and advocacy to aggressively fight against federal drug charges. Because our head lawyer Sean Logue has extensive trial experience and has served as a prosecuting attorney, he knows precisely how opposing counsel and law enforcement will approach these cases.

Armed with this knowledge, he will do everything he can to reach a best possible outcome for you through negotiation or by going to court. We encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

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