Healthcare/Medicare Fraud

In the current struggling economy, there have been many healthcare providers and people facing health care fraud. On the one hand, some falsify or misrepresent Medicare claims, some doctors violate the Medicaid and Medicare program needs while on the other hand, some are convicted of a crime which they did not commit. Medicare or health care fraud is a leading crime and those charged with this offense will need the assistance of experienced criminal defense representation. If you are in need of the best Pittsburgh criminal lawyer, then call us at Logue Law. Our lawyers can defend hospitals, doctors and other forms of health care providers and facilities from Medicaid and Medicare fraud accusations. The federal investigators will strive hard to collect evidence which will help in building a strong case and turn it to a determined prosecutor that will seek out the utmost penalties. So, taking the help of an experienced attorney matters.

A Close Look at the Common Medicare and Health Care Schemes

Under the Medicare and Health care fraud comes a lot of activities. Generally, the most common medical practitioner schemes include:

  • To make bills for care or services that they never offered
  • To upcode billing for a costly service or methods than those offered in the real terms
  • File duplicate claims
  • Unbundle billing every separate component of medical techniques as separate
  • Carry out unneeded medical solutions chiefly for obtaining the insurance payments
  • Misrepresent solutions as medically essential when not actually required chiefly to acquire insurance payments
  • To make bills for non-covered solutions like covered solutions
  • Take kickbacks especially for patient referrals

The fraud schemes related to health care or Medicare that are perpetrated by the non-practitioners comprise of fake sites for health care programs that are non-existent and also telemarketing sales scams.

What is the Penalty?

As per the federal law, it is illegal to implement or to try and implement a scheme for defrauding health care programs like Medicare or for obtaining via fraudulent or false means property or money owned or under any health care program’s control. Once charged with such fraud you are likely to pay a hefty fine or face 10 years imprisonment depending on the severity of the case. If the fraud leads to severe bodily injury, then the fines will go up and also the imprisonment period will extend up to 20 years.

Ways in Which a Lawyer can Help

Once charged with a Health Care or Medicare fraud naturally you will have to face a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor and inflexible laws. During such circumstances, the help of the best Pittsburgh criminal lawyer will work wonders. Our lawyers will help you in determining all your choices and attaining the finest results for your circumstance. Ever since our foray, we have created a reputation for defending such fraud cases successfully. Speak to our Pittsburgh criminal lawyers at Logue Law and book an appointment. Be rest assured you will never regret your decision.

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