How NOT to Get a DUI This Holiday Season

DECEMBER 19, 2014

‘Tis the season to be merry – Christmas time is one where family and friends gather to share a holiday meal, some holiday cheer and so many times, some holiday drinks.

It should go without saying that law enforcement agencies beef up DUI enforcement around the holidays for this very reason. So, whether you prefer egg-nog or a nice glass of pinot, before you get your drink on, know your limit – and more importantly, know the legal limit.

In the state of Pennsylvania, you are considered intoxicated and unable to safely operate a motor vehicle when you have a blood-alcohol content of .08 percent or more.

While your BAC largely depends on the type of drinks you’ve consumed, whether you’ve eaten anything prior to drinking and your body weight and makeup, here’s a good rule of thumb: One drink = a .02 percent increase in your BAC.

And let’s be extremely clear here: That huge Long Island Iced Tea served in a fish bowl is not one drink. It’s probably many more than that. One serving of alcohol is typically considered to be one beer, one 4-ounce glass of wine (please note that most wine glasses, if filled to the brim, hold 20 ounces of vino, which is five servings of alcohol) or one shot of liquor (one ounce).

As a guide, bookmark this post and refer to the handy BAC charts above.

Trust this reputed and experienced Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer who represents tons of DUI clients: You don’t want to have to call me, or any other lawyer because of a lapse of judgment. It’s far less expensive to call a cab than to retain a lawyer, take time off work to attend court hearings (and there are usually three of them), undergo drug and alcohol evaluations and attend alcohol highway safety classes.

And that’s the best-case scenario.

Do yourself a favor, and try one of these options instead of trying to get home when you aren’t really fit to be driving:

  1. Call a cab. I know, I know: Hailing a cab in Pittsburgh isn’t exactly an easy process. But that’s where the web comes in. I recommend bookmarking a site that lists every cab company in the Burgh, complete with their locations and phone numbers.
  2. Consider Uber and other convenient ride-sharing services. With base fares as low as $2 and a rate of $.30 a minute and $1.25 a mile, you might get a better deal. Friends and clients have said that their Uber experiences have been positive – with rides showing up sooner than their cab counterparts.
  3. I get it: People don’t want to take a cab because there’s the issue of how they are going to retrieve their vehicles the next day. For drivers in Pittsburgh, that’s not an issue with the Pear Transportation Company. The business touts itself as the only one in the Burg that will transport both you AND your vehicle to your selected destination.
  4. Select a designated driver. Easy. Simple. Inexpensive. Or be prepared to hire a Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer later on.