PA House Rep. and Committee Chair Stalls Medical Marijuana Bill

MAY 19, 2015

As promised, this Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer wants to keep you posted on what’s happening with Pennsylvania’s proposed legislation dealing the legalization of medical marijuana to treat certain medical conditions and diseases.

For those just getting caught up, the Pennsylvania Senate passed the bill 40-7 last week. The bill itself would allow edible forms of marijuana, as well as vaporization for patients who need it to treat cancer, seizures, Crohn’s Disease, chronic pain and more so long as those folks get the cannabis from a licensed and regulated dispensary.

But then it hit the state House. And promptly began to flounder.

The reason? State Rep. Matt Baker, a Republican serving Tiago County, as well as parts of Potter and Bradford counties, who chairs the House Health Committee.

Rep. Baker on Friday said he has no plans to allow his committee to consider the Senate’s medical marijuana bill (or any bill that would allow pot for medical reasons).

While I am following this issue as a Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney who has handled an awful lot of DUI cases (some of which had nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with a blood test that police said indicated marijuana was present), some are following it because they know patients that could benefit from the legalization of the plant.

Many of those people, and advocates of medical marijuana have inundated Mr. Baker’s Facebook page, demanding action be taken on the bill. All I know, is I will be following the news and bringing you updates often. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again now: Marijuana DUIs are the next wave in DUI law. We’ve seen special “training” for so-called

Drug Recognition Experts (a type of junk science if there ever was one), as well as technology that would allow police to determine if a driver is too high to drive by using breath and saliva tests.

And I want to be ready to help defend my clients. If you face any issues regarding this matter, then immediately contact an experienced and aggressive Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney.