Teacher Arrested Twice in One Night Faces DUI, Drug Charges

MARCH 12, 2015

Trust this Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer when I tell you: No matter how much fun you are having while drinking, it’s not and will never be worth the risk of driving while impaired.

And as a Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer, I can add this: It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, a man or a woman, a white-collar worker or a blue-collar worker – if you get busted for DUI, the penalties can be rough, but sometimes the bigger embarrassment is triggered by your name appearing in the local police blotter.

While some typical DUI arrests garner only a paragraph or two, some driving-under-the-influence cases are so bizarre, that they warrant their own story.

A local elementary school teacher likely learned that the hard way.

According to numerous media reports, a Greensburg-Salem teacher was arrested twice on the same night for DUI.

The teacher, Brian Minick, has been placed on paid leave at the district while an investigation ensues.

Here’s what the news has reported so far: Police have accused Minick of weaving while driving on a Mt. Pleasant roadway, striking another vehicle. Officers said they found a baggie full of prescription pills in his car, which was towed. Minick? His father drove him home.

But, according to police, instead of sleeping it off, Minick again went out.

The cop that responded to the first incident allegedly recognized Minick’s truck, which was allegedly traveling so slowly that traffic was backed up behind it.

And things just got worse for Minick from there, according to police.

The cop tried to get him to pull over, and the incident ended with the officer using his Taser multiple times on the guy, who now faces DUI, aggravated assault, weapons charges, drug charges and fleeing charges.

The lesson here (other than the obvious, “Don’t drink, drive or give police any reason to have to use force”) is, again: No matter how bad things are, you can always, always make them worse.

The difference between a DUI and a spate of charges that include assault or fleeing is sometimes your own conduct.

When you are already in hot water, don’t get yourself deeper – call your friendly neighborhood Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer for advice. I promise you this: The sooner you call, the quicker your legal troubles will be resolved.

Source: http://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/7941317-74/minick-pleasant-stefko#axzz3U6X3BWwp