Third Degree Murder Case

The third degree murder case is a serious crime in the Pennsylvania, and a conviction may carry a lengthy prison sentence. Murder is considered as a third degree when the homicide is not deliberate or a part of the conspiracy.

In Pennsylvania, third degree murder is a felony punishable up to ten to twenty years in prison. In this case, you need a specialized Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer like Sean Logue who will stand by you in this stressful time.

Information about Murder in the Third Degree

Murder in the third degree is not intentional murder, but it is a serious felony. For example, if you give someone a drug or something after ingesting the person dies, you will be charged for a third degree murder case.

The court likewise cited Commonwealth v. Meadows, which said the Commonwealth does require not proof, nor the nearness or nonattendance of a particular aim to murder." Because it is conceivable to expect to execute somebody neglectfully or with perniciousness aforethought, yet still without particular expectation, the court inferred that connivance to confer third degree murder is not as incomprehensible as it sounds, and is a cognizable charge.

What to do if you are charged

Remember if you are charged with a third-degree murder it doesn’t meet requirements of first or second degree murder and doesn’t happen during the commission of some other felony. If you are charged with this crime, do not discuss things with another person. You only talk to your lawyer if police ask you something. It is a serious charge and to avoid the prison sentence, you need a professional Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer like Sean Logue to handle the case. You should talk to no one other than a lawyer.

Why hire a lawyer?

A good lawyer will look after every facet of the case. Your lawyer will make effort to discredit the evidence offered by the prosecutor. In all types of murder charges, you will face a determined prosecutor, and you need to hire a professional Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer to represent you. Your lawyer must be experienced in handling these types of cases and understands how to discredit evidence (if any). Also, your lawyer will provide the witnesses that testify the innocence of your case.