‘Tis the Season for Academic Sanctions – What Parents Need to Know

MAY 5, 2015

This is the time of year when, sometimes, even good boys and girls go a little wild.

The prom season is upon us, and commencement ceremonies are imminent – which means that senior activities, both in and out of high school, are likely in full swing.

I think if we all took a stroll down memory lane, we’d remember the one classmate who pulled a senior prank (and got busted), drank a little bit too much cheap liquor during prom (and got busted), or skipped school one or five too many times (and got busted).

When I take that stroll I remember That Kid being horrified that the administration threatened not to let him walk with his friends for graduation. I remember it being a big deal. I remember parents not being pleased.

Now I know it’s a big deal – and exactly how displeased parents can get.

Fast forward, and all these years later I’m a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney who has represented numerous students in high school and college who needed a little help navigating the academic sanctions process.

My firm has represented students facing academic suspension, expulsion and other serious ramifications. And I want to make sure – especially at this time of year, when the culmination of 12 years of academic work is in the balance – that parents know that if their son or daughter gets in trouble in the waning days of his or her high school career, that they are not only entitled to be represented by a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney, but it’s also highly recommended.

If your son or daughter is facing academic discipline procedures, please know that they can be confusing, and the ramifications severe. Just like you wouldn’t go into a criminal court hearing without a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney, it might be most wise to solicit the services of an attorney adept in working in the world of academia – and its various disciplinary boards and procedures.

At Logue Law, we handle enough of these types of cases that we even contract with a local lawyer who has also long served as a school director and who completely understands the ins and outs of student discipline matters.

So, if your son or daughter gets into a jam, don’t freak out. Give me a call and let me help.