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Top FAQ For Pennsylvania Domestic Abuse Charges

Even though Domestic Violence is not a direct charge in the state of Pennsylvania, it still falls under a serious criminal charge. The criminal laws of the state have been constructed in such a way that the person accused of this charge will face serious consequences if detained. If you are someone who is arrested or going through a similar charge, this charge can cause some serious disruptions in your life. Domestic Abuse is not seen in good light and for a working individual, it might cause devastating repercussions in his/her career. The charge in itself might bring you shame, fear, and social shunning. Your feelings are 100% valid but instead of pondering about the case, it is time for you to do something about it.

What are the two things that you require in this crucial moment- correct information regarding the charge and a trusted Defense Attorney. Sean Logue has been handling similar cases for many years in Pittsburgh and West Virginia. He has successfully defended many accused in the charges of Domestic Violence. When you are considering options and ways to handle this delicate situation, Logue Law Group will be your guide. we have compiled all important questions related to Domestic Abuse charges and well-informed answers to them. When you know what will happen in your case, it is going to be easy for you and your defense lawyer to come up with solid defenses for your case. Trust our sources, when it comes to information about the criminal laws of Pennsylvania.

What is Considered Domestic Abuse in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania does not have a direct domestic abuse charge. Instead, they have incorporated this crime as a criminal offense for the people of the state. Domestic Abuse, according to law is harm committed against a family member, spouse, partner, or even minors.

These acts can be classified as domestic abuse-

  • If intentional or reckless harm is committed against any family member, spouse, or partner. Even attempts to cause bodily harm is considered domestic abuse.
  • If someone has committed or attempted to commit any kind of assault which can be sexual or non-sexual, it will be termed as domestic abuse. In case, statutory sexual assault or forced sexual misdemeanor has been committed against anyone, including minors, it will be a domestic violence charge.
  • False imprisonment will be taken seriously by the court and considered as a domestic abuse act committed.
  • Abusing a minor in a sexual and non-sexual manner.
  • Creating fear of abuse in the minds of family members or spouses. Mental trauma and emotional abuse will be taken seriously and in a few cases will be regarded as domestic abuse.

If you have been arrested for similar situations or going through a domestic abuse trial, it is crucial to hire the services of an experienced Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer. Without a solid defense, there are chances that you won't get bail or face heavy compensation from the court.

Can Someone Be Arrested With a Domestic Violence Charge Without Any Contact With the Victim?

Yes, the state laws can identify the case as domestic abuse even if there is no direct contact between you and the victim. These criteria have been maintained in court, to keep victims safe from emotional manipulation and mental trauma. A victim can accuse of inflicting abuse upon them without any physical contact in these three situations-

  • A heated argument in which you said something that could be construed as a threat of harm
  • An aggressive argument that had occurred between you and the victim in which you had implied threat and abuse to him/her. The court will identify your case as domestic abuse when abuse threats or implications have been made by you in the past.
  • If you have tried to contact the victim multiple times by electronic mediums or by using third parties it can be constituted as abuse. Harassment or stalking via any means will be taken seriously in the court of law.
  • If you have been sending intimate photos, messages, or emails to the victim it can be constituted as domestic abuse. The victim might claim to feel threatened or scared by your means of communication, which can get you detained.
  • If you are using any third parties to stalk the victim, it is a serious charge according to the state laws.

You should never assume that arrest or penalties can't be filed against you if you have never touched the victim. It is best to consult a good Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer in these cases to guide you the best.

Will I Need Bail When I Am Arrested for Domestic Abuse Charges?

At times you need bail but not always. The judge will decide on your bail upon several factors the extremity of the abuse committed, the extent of bodily harm, weapon usage, if you have a prior criminal history, or if you are a risk to your immediate family. The judge may also set a bail for you to follow up on all court hearings regarding the charge made on you. At this time, you require the expertise of a trusted Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer who will minimize or eliminate your charges.

What Are the Possible Consequences of a Domestic Abuse Charge?

There are be might be many terrible outcomes when you are charged with domestic abuse which is why you need to hire a Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer who can defend you in court and minimize and or eliminate the charges.

These are the immediate actions taken after a charge has been filed-

  • If the victim files a PFA, you cannot live under the same roof as them
  • In case you have children, your visitations rights will be revoked under court procedure begins.
  • Social shunning is a direct consequence. You may even lose some trusted people on the way.

Regardless of the social scrutiny and embarrassment that you may face after being arrested or going through such a charge, you need to act quickly. Unless you hire the services of an experienced defense attorney, the chances are you will be penalized heavily. In dire situations like these, Sean Logue comes to your rescue. He is one of the most well-known and respectable lawyers in Pittsburgh who has been aggressively and successfully defending all his clients. You can contact him for consultation at 844-PITT-DUI(748-8384). The sooner you contact him, the more favorable are your outcomes!

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