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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets Although many people think traffic tickets are common or even "routine" charges, they can have significant and long-lasting effects on an ability to drive.

For instance, if one is caught driving more than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, a department review is triggered which can result in a loss of license. Additionally, a reckless driving charge can carry with it a six-month license suspension, while a driving on a suspended license charge adds a further suspension to a license. This is just the tip of the iceberg; nearly every other moving violation carries with it points that add up and spike insurance rates and can result in license loss.

We all get Traffic Tickets. They are part of having a Driver’s License. Sometimes these tickets are not our fault. The more tickets you get, the higher the likelihood that they will negatively affect your driving record and your insurance rates. Before you pay that pesky parking ticket, or that Red Light Speeding ticket, call Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer Sean Logue today to see if you can save some money. Logue Law Group has a proven track record of fighting Traffic Tickets.

Fighting your Ticket

When you get a traffic ticket, you might think that paying the fine, accepting the points from PennDOT, or experiencing higher insurance rates are your only course of action, but even your first offense can lead to serious repercussions.

For every alleged violation, PennDOT will be adding points to your driving record. Accumulated points can pose serious problems, such paying higher amounts for your car insurance premiums, suspension of your license, etc.

Criminal Traffic Violations

Criminal traffic violations like reckless driving, driving without a license or under suspension, drag racing, homicide by a vehicle or trying to elude the police, can impose severe penalties on you which includes jail, fines, driving record points, suspension of driver’s license, etc.

Speeding Tickets or Citations

Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations in Pennsylvania. You can be ticketed for speeding in active school zones, residential streets, or even expressways. Therefore, it is important to know about the speeding limitations in various parts of the city and always keep your speed in check while driving. Speeding violations can lead to serious penalties like costly fines, suspension of driver’s license, accumulation of driving record points, etc. A traffic ticket attorney in Pittsburgh can help you try to avoid these penalties.

Can Traffic Tickets Raise My Insurance

Of course, a traffic ticket can raise your insurance. Any marks against your driving record can cause your insurance company to raise their premiums. Your driving record is used by an insurance company to determine your risk score; the higher the risk, the higher the cost of your insurance. A Traffic Ticket can also cause your Driving Privileges to get suspended. Never had a DUI? Does not matter. Moving Violations could result in the suspension of your Driver’s License. Call Sean Logue today and see if he can fight your Traffic Ticket.

Moving Violations

Moving Violations can result in your Driving Privileges being revoked. If your Driver’s License becomes suspended, it can cost a lot of money to reinstate. A revoked license due to unpaid violations can happen. An accumulation of moving violations could cause similar issues to those who are convicted of a DUI. It becomes harder to get your Driving Privileges reinstated after your license is suspended. If you have moving violations or unpaid parking tickets, an attorney like Sean Logue can fight to clean up your driving record. Sean and his associates have successfully fought for clients and saved them time and money by getting their violations overturned.

If you are a professional driver, you need to be extra careful with your driving record. A Commercial Driver’s License has special rules. Those rules and regulations are more strict than a standard Driver’s License. The DMV wants to hold a professional driver accountable for the safety of other drivers. Call Pittsburgh traffic ticket attorney Sean Logue today if you have a CDL issue. Sean and his associates can help you with DUI and Moving Violations.

Other jobs require licenses. If you are a working professional, a DUI can cause you to lose your Driver’s License and Work License. Call Sean Logue today. Don’t let your license get revoked.

If you fail to stop for a stop sign, a traffic light, pass improperly, drive recklessly, follow too closely, or are guilty of turning violations, you may be charged with moving violations. These violations will also impose similar penalties on you as with other kinds of traffic violations.

Whenever you are facing severe charges for a criminal traffic violation, you need the help of a proficient and experienced criminal defense attorney who will work for your best interest and protect your rights.

If you are given a traffic ticket, it is important to not immediately plead guilty — take the time to understand your rights and options; a correct decision could save you thousands of dollars.

Logue Law’s traffic ticket defense attorneys are experienced in defending DUI and traffic ticket charges. They are able to get the best results possible, because they vigorously fight the criminal charges filed against their clients and negotiate on their behalf.

Additionally, the attorneys at Logue Law Group have a vast amount of experience helping commercial drivers and the trucking companies that hire them with tickets and fines that threaten their income and business. We encourage you to get in touch so you can understand how we can put our comprehensive knowledge and aggressive advocacy to work for you.

For a free initial consultation with a traffic ticket lawyer in Pittsburgh to discuss speeding tickets and other moving violations, contact us online or call 1-844-PITT-DUI or (412) 389-0805.

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Mr. Logue came to me for my consultation, which was nice! He helped me better understand my situation so I could weigh my options. He kept me updated on any new information about my case, and I could always easily contact him if I had any questions. I knew I was in good hands, and I got the best possible outcome for my case! Anonymous
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Atty. Logue represented me well and took care of my legal issues superbly. He is a no-nonsense, very knowledgeable and well respected lawyer. I was pleased with his services. Would definitely recommend Atty. Logue to others. Anonymous
Mr. Logue is good for one reason, he cares. A client is not a quick buck. He always answers his phone, day or night and he understands the law better than anyone. He always answers my calls for both corporate and personal legal decisions and I have a ton of questions. His rates are reasonable too. Fair and firm. Anonymous