Underage DUI

Pittsburgh Underage DUI Attorney

It is never a pretty scene to be pulled over by the police and charged with Underage DUI. With the large number of deaths and injuries being caused by youngsters driving under influence, law enforcement agencies are maintaining strict vigilance to prevent such incidents. Also, the blood alcohol content standards are far steeper for people below 21 years of age than it is for adults.

As per the law, anybody under the age of 21 when caught driving with BAC .02 percent or more is charged with DUI. The BAC standard for adults is 0.08 percentage or more. The consequences of an underage DUI offence are harsh, and it can lead to jail sentence and suspension of license. For long term consequences, the insurance rates would also sky rocket. If you or one of your loved one has been charged with Underage DUI, you should immediately seek help from a seasoned Pittsburgh Underage DUI Attorney like Sean Logue.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Underage DUI in Pennsylvania

The law relating to Underage DUI in Pennsylvania is strict and anybody found driving with BAC .02 percent or higher would see their license suspended. In case of first offense, one can be jailed for at least 48 hours, pay fines ranging from $500 - $5,000, and also see license suspended for a year. Apart from this, they may also need to attend highway safety school and a treatment program. For repeat offenses, one faces longer a jail sentence and longer license suspension.

Underage DUI also create a criminal record and would be accessible to anyone running background check on the person. This can jeopardize future employment and admission to educational institutions.

How Can I Help You?

I, Attorney Sean Logue, am a 10.0 Avvo rated Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer and bring many years of experience in aggressively defending clients in Underage DUI cases. As a specialist in DUI offenses, I would closely study the charges and all evidence gathered against you. As a Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer, I enjoy a high rate of success in defending the interests of my clients.

With such grave consequences of Underage DUI, you cannot take this lightly. You need to fight these charges. I would offer you or your child the strongest possible defense and ensure you achieve the most favorable outcome so that all your rights and interests protected.

Underage DUI conviction can ruin the future for an individual. For help and free consultation, call me at 1-844-PITT-DUI, 412-389-0805 or contact me online.