Vehicular Homicide

Pittsburgh Traffic Attorney

Vehicular homicide is one of the most severe offenses under the traffic laws in Pennsylvania. Hundreds of people in the state lose their lives every year in fatal car crashes. The very feeling of killing a personal unintentionally can be traumatic. If convicted of these charges, you face enormous consequences. Under the law, your driver’s license can immediately be suspended with potential incarceration and fines to follow.

Why Should I Fight These Charges?

The punishment for vehicular homicide is harsh as it is considered as a 3rd degree felony, and you can be imprisoned up to 7 years. Your driver’s license can be suspended for a period of 3 years, and you would need to pay fines between $2,500 and $15,000. If you were driving a commercial vehicle, it can also lead to disqualification from Occupational Limited License. If all these weren’t enough, the felony offense is a permanent bolt in your record and can harm your future prospects of employment and housing.

The severity of punishment depends on a host of factors, which include -

Intention – If there was no malicious intention in the killing, the penalties are greatly reduced in case of Vehicular Homicides.

Alcohol – Drinking and driving alone doesn’t necessarily establish guilt and hence a DUI offense is defensible in the court.

Negligence – If the death of the victim cannot be linked to negligence on part of the accused. There may be no penalty.

History – The courts also take into account prior criminal history of the person and these include convictions, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc.

Because cases related to Vehicular Homicides deal with many complexities, you should hire the services of Sean Logue, who is a seasoned Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Attorney.

How Can I Help You?

Cases related to Vehicular Homicides are entangled in intent and your past record. As the leading Pittsburgh traffic law attorney, Sean Logue has experience in handling dozens of cases of Vehicular Homicide and would offer you the best defense in the court. I would strongly defend all charges that are brought against you by the prosecution. I bring a proven track record, and my 10.0 Avvo rating is testimony to my skills and expertise. I research every aspect of the case and present all evidences to the court.

You should fight these charges to protect your rights. Sean Logue would help you achieve the most favorable outcome from the case.

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