Alcohol Treatment Resources

Waddington Rehab Center

Phone – (412) 224-9888
Address - 2681 Waddington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

A specialized rehab, Waddington Rehab Center (WRC) works with the core belief that addiction is a treatable disease and works to heal the mind, body, and spirit. This 20-bed facility is located in the Brookline area of Pittsburgh, and is a non-hospital center for short-term and long-term treatment.

Greenbriar Treatment Center

Phone – (412) 885-7180
Address - 400 Penn Center Boulevard Suite 707 Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Greenbriar offers comprehensive outpatient abuse treatment, where they help patients realize that while they can’t change their past, they can definitely walk towards a better future. This facility offers a family program, to help family members of an addict understand and navigate the recovery process.

Pyramid Healthcare - Pittsburgh Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center

Phone – (412) 241-5341
Address - 306 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Pyramid Healthcare offers treatment and care for adult and teen alcohol and drug abuse. They have residential treatment facilities and provide comprehensive treatment to their patients. They offer detoxification, and long-term and short-term treatment. Pyramid is an inpatient residential facility.

Onala Recovery Center

Phone – (412) 471-8797
Address - 1625 W Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Onala is one of the most popular recovery clubs for people who have been through alcohol and drug abuse. It offers treatment through weekly meetings, support groups, and different types of social activities. Onala is a non-profit organization, and provides the companionship of others who have similar problems.

RightView LLC Sober Home

Phone – (412) 773-2283
Address - 4885 Mcknight Rd. #260, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

A residential treatment center, Rightview offers recovery from alcohol and other substance abuse through sober living and developing mental strength to fight these problems. Rightview is a good place for people to go to transition back into their own homes while getting help staying clean and sober. Random drug/alcohol testing and weekly meetings are required.

The Sunlight of the Spirit in Pittsburgh

Phone – (412) 429-1047
Address - 2275 Swallow Hill Rd. Ste. 600, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

A dedicated center for drug abusers, Sunlight of the Spirit ushers in a new belief in them by making people realize the value of life through comprehensive treatment and support. It helps harness a person’s inner strength to fight the problem of drugs. Addicts are taught coping skills to help them choose to stay sober no matter the situation they find themselves in.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Pittsburgh

Phone – (412) 429-1047
Address - 212 9th St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222

This center offers treatment for alcoholics and allows them to embrace a new life with a completely new meaning.

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