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Alcohol Treatment Resources

Waddington Rehab Center (WRC):
Phone: (412) 224-9888
Address: 2681 Waddington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Located in the Brookline area of Pittsburgh, Waddington Rehab Center (WRC) is a specialized rehabilitation facility committed to treating addiction as a manageable disease. With a holistic approach to recovery, WRC aims to heal the mind, body, and spirit of individuals seeking treatment. Our non-hospital center provides a comfortable environment with 20 beds and offers both short-term and long-term treatment options to cater to diverse needs.

Greenbriar Treatment Center:
Phone: (412) 885-7180
Address: 400 Penn Center Boulevard Suite 707 Pittsburgh, PA 15235

At Greenbriar Treatment Center, we provide a comprehensive outpatient abuse treatment program that empowers patients to pave a brighter future. While we understand that the past cannot be changed, we believe in supporting individuals as they navigate their recovery journey. In addition to our effective treatment services, we offer a dedicated family program designed to help loved ones understand and actively participate in the recovery process.

Pyramid Healthcare – Pittsburgh Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center:
Phone: (412) 241-5341
Address: 306 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Pyramid Healthcare is a trusted provider of comprehensive alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults and teenagers. Our residential treatment facilities are equipped with detoxification services and offer both long-term and short-term treatment options. With a focus on overall well-being, our dedicated team assists individuals in overcoming addiction and achieving lasting recovery in a safe and supportive environment.

Onala Recovery Center:
Phone: (412) 471-8797
Address: 1625 W Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Join Onala, a highly esteemed recovery club, on the journey to sobriety. Offering comprehensive support for individuals recovering from alcohol and drug abuse, Onala hosts engaging weekly meetings, diverse support groups, and various social activities. As a non-profit organization, we provide a unique opportunity to connect with a supportive community that understands the challenges you face. At Onala, lasting companionship and effective treatment go hand in hand.

RightView LLC Sober Home
Phone: (412) 773-2283
Address: 4885 Mcknight Rd. #260, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Welcome to RightView, a highly trusted residential treatment center dedicated to comprehensive recovery services for alcohol and substance abuse. At RightView, we firmly believe in the power of combining sober living with mental strength training to effectively combat these challenges.

Our program serves as a vital transitional resource, offering unwavering support along with the necessary tools for a smooth return to home while maintaining sobriety. Each step of the way, we prioritize your success and well-being, implementing a range of supportive measures.

Our comprehensive approach includes mandatory components such as random drug and alcohol testing and weekly meetings, ensuring a focused and accountable recovery journey. With RightView, you gain more than just freedom from addiction – you gain the strength to grow and thrive.

Discover the Sunlight of the Spirit in Pittsburgh
Phone: (412) 429-1047
Address: 2275 Swallow Hill Rd. Ste. 600, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

At Sunlight of the Spirit, we are committed to instilling a renewed sense of belief in individuals battling drug addiction. Our center provides comprehensive treatment and unwavering support to empower you to embrace the value of life. Through our program, we help you tap into your inner strength, conquer the challenges of addiction, and pave the path to lasting sobriety.

Through personalized coping strategies and empowering techniques, we equip our clients with the tools to make courageous choices in any circumstance. At Sunlight of the Spirit, we believe in your potential, and our dedicated team is here to guide you towards a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Experience transformative healing at Catholic Charities Diocese of Pittsburgh
Phone: (412) 429-1047
Address: 212 9th St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222

At Catholic Charities Diocese of Pittsburgh, we are committed to providing comprehensive treatment for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. Our center serves as a guiding light on your transformative journey towards a meaningful and purposeful life.

Discover the Power of Having a Trusted Beaver DUI Lawyer by Your Side

A DUI conviction can have profound consequences, but you don’t have to navigate them alone. At Logue Law Group, we are committed to fiercely protecting your rights and interests, providing you with the comprehensive legal support you need.

Our experienced attorneys understand the uniqueness of each case. That’s why we start by conducting a thorough interview, attentively listening to every detail. We meticulously analyze the evidence, including testimonies and BAC data, meticulously searching for any inconsistencies that could strengthen your defense.

Once we have examined all the facts, we collaborate with you to develop a tailored and strategic list of possible defenses. Together, we choose the best approach for your specific situation. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated team stands by your side, expertly guiding you through the complexities of the court system.

With Logue Law Group, your initial consultation is free. Whether you prefer reaching out to us online or calling (844) PITT-DUI or 412-389-0805, we are here to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled Beaver criminal lawyers. Our team is extensively trained in DUI law, including arrest procedures and blood alcohol testing. Available 24/7, we proudly serve Beaver and its surrounding counties, as well as West Virginia and Ohio.

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Sean is the best criminal defense lawyer ever! He answered all questions and returned all calls and texts. He was informed. He was attentive and got us an outcome that we never expected! Want someone who will fight for you and protect your rights? If yes, then Sean Logue is the attorney you want on...

Former Client

Sean is the best criminal defense lawyer ever! He answered all questions and returned all calls and texts. He was informed. He was attentive and got us an outcome that we never expected! Want someone who will fight for you and protect your rights? If yes, then Sean Logue is the attorney you want on...

Former Client

Attorney Logue represented me well and took care of my legal issues superbly. He is a no-nonsense, very knowledgeable and well respected lawyer. I was pleased with his services. Would definitely recommend Attorney Logue to others.

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After fighting a ticket from hell that cost me my job, thousands in debt from having no job and threatening my present career, Sean Logue stepped in and the case was dismissed. It's a huge relief to have his professionalism and know-how in your corner!

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