Bank/Financial Institute Fraud

Financial institute/bank fraud is one of the most serious offenses. As fraud happens to be a federal offense, such penalties climb quickly while in some cases these may be capped with a criminal prosecution. It is quite tempting to perform a fraudulent task to obtain cash from a bank for covering your bills, especially when under financial crisis. If you take the help of deception or theft for taking property or money intentionally you will be committing federal bank fraud. The federal investigators will give their best to amass evidence which will help in building a strong case and turn it to the determined federal prosecutor that will seek the utmost penalties. So if you are charged with a bank fraud the first step to take is to hire an experienced and skilled Pittsburgh criminal lawyer from Logue Law.

What is a Federal Bank Fraud?

The law in Pittsburgh makes it illegal to implement knowingly or attempting to implement any scheme for defrauding a bank and/or any financial institution. Knowingly implementing or attempting in implementing a scheme for obtaining securities, assets, credits, money or property that is owned under or by the custody or a financial institution or bank using fraud is again considered a federal criminal offense. Under the federal bank fraud a lot of things are covered such as securities fraud, hedge fund fraud, fraudulent loan application fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud and mortgage fraud. Mostly people who are indicted for such frauds include accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, mortgage bankers and others that are likely to be in the position of defrauding a bank. A credit union or bank employees too can draw charges that are categorized as federal embezzlement especially for stealing funds which they monitor or manage as a part of the job.

Fraud Related to Mortgage

Mortgage fraud is another common fraud that has been doing the rounds since 2007. This category covers schemes that are real estate related and aimed to defraud banks. The federal authorities, in fact, are honing on such schemes that comprise of predatory lending and foreclosure rescue scams.

Charges and Penalties

If you are charged with a bank or any fraud related to a financial institution you may face 30 years of imprisonment or/and a fine worth $1,000,000.

Ways in Which an Attorney can Help

When you are charged with such fraud, here again, you will be facing a determined prosecutor and inflexible laws. When you hire a top Pittsburgh criminal lawyer from Logue Law you will not only get the best results but also have the flexibility of determining all your choices. The attorneys in our firm have represented many clients in this regard and they will act as an invaluable source that will help in uncovering hidden facts, challenge the counterparty’s proof and offer an evidentiary roadmap. Hurry, join hands with our leading Pittsburgh criminal lawyer and enjoy peace of mind. They know what they are doing and will never let you down. Be rest assured you will never regret your decision.

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