DUI Charges Pending Against Pennsylvania Man Who Police Say Gave an Officer the Middle Finger

It was reported that charges are pending against a man who flipped off a Canonsburg police officer while waiting for the traffic light to become green. A McMurray resident, prior to driving off, gave a police officer the finger then he waited several seconds before he started driving recklessly until he finally hit a curb and stopped. He is being charged with reckless driving and DUI charges.

Here are a few things that you need to know about reckless driving.

In Pennsylvania, reckless driving can be defined as driving with deliberate disregard for another person’s safety. You can get a ticket for reckless driving if you show any behavior such as:

  • Endangering other pedestrians and drivers with excessively fast driving
  • Wrong way of driving on an expressway, one-way street or an off-ramp
  • Carelessly turning sharply and swiftly in and out of traffic lanes
  • Tailgating another vehicle with deliberate and utmost relentlessness

If a person has been charged with such an offense as reckless driving, he may face a jail time up to almost ninety days and imposed with points or a fine of about two hundred dollars or more. Your license could also be suspended for a period of six months.

On being accused of reckless driving and when pulled over by the police, you should remain calm and patient. You must never talk out of turn and try to get your way out of the arrest. If the police persistently interrogate you, you should refuse to answer their questions politely and immediately request for a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney or a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer.

There are defenses that may help this man stay out of jail. They might be difficult to use, seeing as how the cop saw it all happen. If the officer had a dashcam, they might be impossible. In that case, the gentleman might be better off to take a plea deal.

A plea deal is what happens when, instead of pleading guilty to all the charges a person is faced with, he or she agrees to plead only to one or two lesser charges. He or she then serves the punishments that go with that lesser charge or charges. This allows the offender to get off with a lighter penalty, and the prosecutor to walk away with a conviction.

If offered a plea deal, it’s always best to take it. Refusing to do so and insisting on a jury trial will result in all the charges already filed being thrown at you, with additional, harsher ones often thrown in with them.

Quick commentary by Sean Logue

First, the Canonsburg Police Station is on Pike Street, the main drag there. Driving impaired, anywhere in that vicinity is extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, you never know who may be driving to and from that station, so flipping the bird to anyone is not wise. Police officers are trained to look for special signs of impairment; being aggressive and uncooperative are signs they are especially trained to look for.

Always be cooperative and polite with the police; at the very least, they will in turn be more likely to help you plead to a favorable charge.

Second, on top of the DUI, this gentleman is also charged with Reckless Driving. In Pennsylvania, such a charge carries with it a 6 months license suspension. He needs a competent attorney or a skilled.

Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer

who routinely handles DUI and traffic cases to get that charge dismissed or withdrawn at the earliest level possible. The preliminary hearing is a great place to deal with such a charge as it is informal and has a good atmosphere for the attorney and police officer to discuss the case.

If any of you suffer a DUI or Reckless Driving charge, I would be honored to represent you. Being an experienced and diligent Pittsburgh DUI lawyer, I will stand by you at every step and do my best to discredit any evidence against you. #WVDUI

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