Sean Logue Interviewed; Defends Mayor of Arnold

In an interview that aired on WPXI today, attorney Sean Logue spoke with reporter Rick Earle concerning the efforts of Arnold City Council to remove Mayor Karen Peconi from office.

Mayor Peconi has faced criticism for a Facebook post back in June, suggesting that water cannons be used on protesters in Pittsburgh who were blocking intersections and highways while protesting the fatal shooting by police of 17-year-old Antwon Rose, who ran from police in East Pittsburgh on June 19th. The post also stated that the protesters do not have jobs, and that’s how they are able to block roads at 7:00 in the morning. Attorney Logue has stated in another interview that the mayor did not criticize people who were peacefully protesting.

The officer who shot the teen, Michael Rosfeld, has been charged with criminal homicide. The district attorney in Allegheny County, Steve Zappala, has stated in interviews that he believes Rosfeld acted recklessly, and that he had no justification for the shooting. The district attorney states that the victim was not in possession of a firearm at the time of the shooting.

In the interview, Attorney Logue, speaking in the mayor’s behalf, stated unequivocally that Mayor Peconi is not a racist and that she has never posted racist comments on the social media site.

He also said that the mayor has taken responsibility for what she said and apologized to those who were offended by her post, as well as to city council members. Logue said that Mayor Peconi has family members who are police officers, and that her post was intended to be supportive of all cops.

Attorney Logue went on to say that Mayor Peconi was stating with her post that she was against those who call police officers thugs and murderers, and those who commit crimes in furtherance of a protest. He called the actions of the council to remove her from office unpatriotic, un-American, and unconstitutional.

Arnold City Council sent letters to the governor and legislators, asking them to remove Mayor Peconi from office. In response, Logue sent a letter to each, claiming that removing the mayor from her office is not only unconstitutional, but it also disenfranchises voters. The mayor was elected to office in 2013 and was re-elected by a wide majority this year.

Attorney Logue stated in the tv interview that the root of the movement to remove Mayor Peconi is a political one. He stated there are people on city council who don’t like the mayor, and this is their way of attempting to get rid of her. “They have jumped on a controversy and blown this thing up,” he said.

Logue goes on to say that Mayor Peconi is not going anywhere, despite calls for her resignation and protests calling for it. He says the mayor loves her job and is passionate about the city of Arnold, and that she wants to help the residents of the city. Logue said if the council and voters want to get rid of Mayor Peconi, they can do so at the next election.

To view the interview in its entirety, click here.

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