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If you have been pulled over in Pittsburgh and charged with a DUI or a DWI you need to contact a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney to help you fight your case. Penalties for this crime are continuing to increase in severity and can significantly impact your life. This is especially true if your job depends on your ability to drive.

DUIs in PA are divided into three tiers depending on your Blood Alcohol Content. For a first DUI offense with BAC between .08 and .099, you can face 6 months’ probation and a $300 fine. If your BAC is between .1 and .159, you can spend anywhere between 2 days and 6 months in jail, pay fines from $500 to $5,000, and have your license suspended for 1 year. A BAC of .16 and higher can result in jail time from 3 days to 6 months, fines between $1,000 and $5,000, 1-year license suspension, and you may be required to attend alcohol highway safety school.

New laws implemented in 2017 require the installation of an ignition interlock device upon first DUI conviction. The device is installed at your cost. Additional changes to the DUI laws in 2018 make multiple DUI’s a felony. They do the same when a person’s BAC is above 0.16% and they cause an accident that kills someone. This rise in severity level means additional fines and longer prison sentences for offenders who are convicted of driving under the influence.

Pennsylvania’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD) is available to first time DUI offenders. In cases where the prosecution has a strong case against you, this may be your best option. By taking the program, you are not pleading guilty, and after a successful completion of the program, the DUI charge can be expunged from your record. The circumstances of your particular case will determine if you qualify for the program. An experienced Pittsburgh DUI lawyer will present your case and is your best option to convince the prosecutor to allow you into the program, since the prosecution has the final say in the matter.

Our affordable Pittsburgh DUI attorneys do have means at their disposal to reduce or have the charges dropped altogether. Police have certain regulations they have to follow for an arrest to be lawful. First of all, they need to have probable cause to pull you over. Pennsylvania has an implied consent law; therefore, if you refuse a breathalyzer test, you may face immediate penalties. However, the breathalyzer needs to be properly calibrated, and the test needs to be administered and read by a person qualified to operate it. Police often fail to follow proper breathalyzer guidelines, which is to your advantage. Additionally, if you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint, there are standards the police must meet and procedures they must follow when setting it up. If they didn’t, your case could be dismissed.

You have the right to remain silent and a right to an attorney, both of which you should take advantage of. Be polite if the cops try to question you without a lawyer present, but refuse to reply.

Many attorneys charge by the hour. If your case requires a lot of research and travel, they will put in a lot of hours, and you will pay a high fee. The attorneys at Logue Law Group charge a flat fee for DUI cases, which saves you money. Sean Logue and his associates are highly trained in all aspects of DUI defense, from police procedures to the collection and analysis of blood alcohol content. By hiring Logue Law Group, you are getting an excellent value.

Logue Criminal Defense team serves Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding counties, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia. To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh DUI lawyer from Logue Law Group, call us today at (412) 612-2210 or (412) 612-2210. Or, you can contact us online. Logue Law Group is available 24/7.

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