All About Same-Sex Domestic Abuse Defenses

The state of Pennsylvania does not discriminate between same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. It is because of this reason that they enjoy the same right and protections that heterosexual couples have. Domestic Abuse charges in violence meted against a gay person are not different from a straight person. When it comes to preparing defenses against allegations of abuse in a same-sex relationship, the defense lawyer has to tackle it differently than other cases.

When it comes to keeping gay people aware of their rights and protection in Pennsylvania, it has been noticed that there is a lack of well-informed platforms. Logue Law Group brings you all information that is necessary to create strong defenses against allegations of domestic abuse in same-sex relationships. We understand that when a person is accused of a domestic abuse charge, he/she faces extreme social scrutiny and judgment. But the correct way to deal with these situations is to hire a skilled Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer who knows the correct way to deal with your case.

Common Factors Surrounding a Domestic Abuse Allegation in Same-sex Relationships

Many factors lead to a false allegation of domestic abuse. Understanding these factors will help you put up a strong defense.

Separation or Custody Issues

If you and your partner have been married or are parents, there is a reason why your partner is claiming to be abused. He/She might be wanting to divorce you and take the kids away with them. Lawfully he/she would not be able to do this, because of which they have claimed to be abused to maintain zero contact with you.

Relationship Issues

Law is at times unable to differentiate between partners and roommates due to the lack of marriage. This confusion increases in the case of same-sex relationships. If your roommate has falsely claimed that you have attached him/her, it is because they know that the law will protect them. Once a false claim has been filed, it will take a skilled Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer on your part to prove them wrong.

Issues of Homophobia

You may be charged with a domestic violence case if your partner claims that you have been passing homophobic comments or threats against him/her. In some cases, alleged victims have claimed that the abuser has "outed" them to society without their permission. These allegations are taken seriously by the court and might lead to your arrest.

What Kinds of Defenses Can Be Made in Abuse Cases?
  • When a partner accuses you of harassment, stalking, and mental abuse, it is easier for a Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer to defend you since these charges are difficult to prove.
  • If both partners are involved in violent fights, the alleged victim does not stand a strong case in court.
  • If your defense lawyer claims that your intent was not to cause harm to the alleged accused, the court may rule the judgment in your favor since the intent is important in abuse cases.
  • Self-defense is one of the best ways in which a defense lawyer can help you get rid of domestic abuse cases.

There is a lot of differences in the way that law works in theory for same-sex domestic abuse cases and the practical way. You need a trusted attorney on your end to guide you through this tough time. Attorney Sean Logue is the best Pittsburgh Domestic Abuse Lawyer who can help you in these matters. He has helped a lot of same-sex abuse accused to present a strong front in court. Call him at (412) 612-2210 and defend your rights.