Can Criminal Charges Be Dropped Or Dismissed?

It is not necessary that all criminal charges reach trial. Charges or allegations for criminal activities may be changed, made additions to, or also completely dismissed. Such dismissal of criminal charges can be due to a number of reasons. There might be a possibility of a new development reflecting the culpability of the accused with the discovery of new evidence. Or, the prosecutors might reach a conclusion that the case is blown out of proportion and the charges have been exaggerated.

As mentioned, there can be various reasons for dropping the criminal charges against an accused defendant. Here we have put together a few particular facts that you must know if you are faced by such a situation and what you should do about it.

If you have any reasons which may persuade the prosecutors to drop or dismiss certain criminal charges, like the case of white collar crimes or an aggravated assault against you or someone you know, then you should discuss any and all possible reasons and explanations with an experienced and reputable Pittsburgh criminal lawyer in a free consultation.

One of the reasons charges are sometimes dropped is that though the prosecutor feels the alleged offender is guilty, the judge and/or jury might not. The prosecutor must gather evidence to prove his position, and sometimes there is just not enough. In that instance, he will drop the case against the offender.

It is important to note that the victim cannot drop charges against you. Once those charges are made, only the prosecutor can make that decision. If the victim suddenly doesn’t want to cooperate, it might lead to the dropping of the charges, if there isn’t enough evidence without the victim’s testimony to convince the judge and jury of the alleged offender’s guilt.

Upon dismissal or dropped charges, the accused will be free from all accusations and allegations and can now move to expunge the record of their charges. Discharge of liability in any crime is a generally informal procedure and is very common during the initial phase of the criminal proceedings where the prosecutors deal with the defendant in terms of the plea agreement or discover any new evidence in the case. Generally, cases are not dropped when the prosecutors have gone far ahead in the case and have prepared the arguments already with the case close to reaching the trial.

If your criminal charges get dismissed, if incarcerated, you be released from police custody, and you will be able to return to normal life again. But if there are several charges against you, a single dismissed charge will not be enough for complete exoneration. Rather, it actually often happens that a single charge against the defendant is dropped in favor of another one. Every charge or allegation against a criminal defendant must be combated and dealt with completely if you want to be completely absolved of all kinds of offenses or misconduct.

If you or someone you know amongst friends or family is accused of a crime and you are wondering whether there is a chance of getting those charges dropped or dismissed, then you should find a reputable and skilled criminal defense attorney near you.

If you live in Pennsylvania, then Pittsburgh criminal lawyers can be the right choice for you. Highly qualified, experienced, and intelligent, these lawyers can easily help you combat any criminal charges on your shoulders. Having dealt with many clients, defending them against all kinds of felony charges and misdemeanors including; drug crimes, sex crimes, or federal charges, these have lawyers able to vigorously fight and protect your interests on your behalf.

Criminal charges have extremely severe repercussions. Only a skilled and dedicated lawyer in Pittsburgh can help you fight your case by guiding you at each step. Quickly discuss your legal matter with such an attorney and step into a free and bright future ahead.

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