Challenging the Results and Integrity of a Breathalyzer Test

When a person is pulled over by the cops, in Pittsburgh or anywhere in Pennsylvania, and the officer or state trooper suspects the driver has been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she will perform some roadside tests to help them determine that person’s state of inebriation, or lack thereof. One of the tests will likely be a breathalyzer.

A breathalyzer is a machine that a person breathes into. The machine then measures the amount of alcohol detected in that breath. The resulting number is called Blood Alcohol Concentration (or Content) and is expressed as a percentage. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level in Pennsylvania as of June 2019 is 0.08 percent.

Breathalyzers are sensitive machines, which must be calibrated properly and operated by certified people. Additionally, officers are supposed to wait a certain time period before they test, and then have to have it completed within another time period.

If you have been charged with DUI, the first thing you need to do is hire a dedicated and experienced Pittsburgh DUI attorney. Then, you need to explain to him, in detail, the circumstances of your arrest. He will explain your charges, what happens next, and what your options are.

Your Pittsburgh DUI lawyer may tell you that challenging the results of the breathalyzer you were given is an option for your defense. He will ask the district attorney to provide the calibration documentation, and examine it to see if he can challenge your charges based on that.

He will also look into the certification of the officer who administered the test to you. Officers must be trained and certified to operate breathalyzer machines, and that certification must be updated periodically.Your Pittsburgh DUI lawyer would ask to see that certification, and examine it to see if he can challenge your charges based on that.

Often, there have been problems with breathalyzer machines in Pennsylvania, resulting in DUI cases being dismissed. Some of the mistakes breath test machines have made are the inclusion of substances that were not ethyl alcohol-related and having bugs or glitches in the software.

Being convicted of Driving Under the Influence can cause all types of upheaval for you and your family. Hiring an experienced attorney as soon as you are arrested is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Get the legal help you deserve and call Logue Law Group for a free consultation. The Pittsburgh DUI attorneys at Logue Law Group are dedicated to helping clients get the best outcomes possible. They are aggressive and experienced, and willing to take on prosecutors to win your freedom.

Remember that your Pittsburgh DUI attorney will need all the facts. Don’t hesitate to trust and confide in him, so he can work his hardest for you. He will be able to explain your charges to you in detail, as well as describe your options. He will stand beside you as you navigate the criminal justice system.

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