Contempt of PFA Order

In the case of domestic violence, the alleged victim might obtain a Protection from Abuse or PFA order. This will limit the activities and contact of the alleged offender. Regardless of what you, the alleged defender think about the terms of the PFA order, the rules and regulations must be abided by. Otherwise, there will be serious consequences. This order might create difficulty in child custody or possession of the house with the spouse. But not abiding by the order will be considered as contempt of PFA order, a punishable criminal offense.

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Types of Pennsylvania PFA Order

There are three types of PFA order in Pennsylvania:

Emergency PFA Order

The emergency PFA order gets released on a temporary basis by the on-call magisterial district judge. The situation for this order must be emergent enough so that the alleged victim feels that he or she is unsafe and the judge gets convinced. This order is temporary in nature and only valid till the next business day. For issuing this order, the allegations of the plaintiff are assumed to be true.

Ex Parte PFA Order

This order is also temporary in nature and can last for ten business days. This will be issued by the court but without any trial. This will remain in effect till the full PFA order gets issued. For this type of order, the defendant doesn’t get a chance to defend themselves as the allegations of the plaintiff are considered to be true.

Final PFA Order

This is the main order that can last for three years or can be extended. Also, the defendant can go for an appeal against the order. This type of PFA order offers the defendant a chance to defend themselves in court. Our Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer will ensure your defense is heard.

Terms of PFA Orders in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Title 23 § 6108 determines the terms that the alleged offender must abide by so that the alleged victim can be safe from any kind of allegations.

  • The offender will be ordered not to abuse, stalk, harass the alleged victims, children and their relatives.
  • The offender is supposed to leave the shared home.
  • The alleged victim gets granted possession of the house
  • The alleged offender must provide the alleged victim suitable accommodation
  • The alleged victim gets custody of the children temporarily
  • The alleged offender will need to provide the victim with financial aid
  • The alleged offender must relinquish weapon and ammunitions
  • The alleged offender will be restricted from getting new firearms
  • The alleged offender will be ordered to pay restitution including medical bills, attorney fees, financial loss, and so on.
Penalties for Contempt of PFA Order

As per Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Title 23 § 6114, if you, the alleged offender, violate the PFA order, then you will get the following penalties:

  • Up to 6 months of imprisonment
  • Fine up to $1000
  • The PFA order extension
  • Confiscation of the weapon, firearms and ammunition
Consult Pittsburgh domestic violence lawyer

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