Criminal Charges That Come From PFA Order

If someone is charged with the allegations of domestic violence, then they are pretty much dealing with a very difficult situation. The cases of domestic violence commonly lead to getting a PFA order. Getting this along with the criminal charges can take a very serious turn for anyone.

When you are charged with the allegations of domestic violence and you get a PFA order, then naturally you will feel apprehensive. For anyone dealing with these, both can be difficult. And that is why you need the right legal assistance. That is why Logue Law Group is here for you. Our Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will help you get out of these situations while defending you aggressively in court and getting your charges dropped

PFA Orders in Pennsylvania

A PFA order is a court order that is also popularly known as restraining order too. In the case of domestic charges getting a PFA order is a common thing. The one who goes to the judge for the order is known as the plaintiff and the one who gets the order is known as the defendant. There can be three different types of PFA orders that you can get. The first one is the emergency PFA order. This is issued in the emergent case where the plaintiff is in immediate danger. This order is issued by the on-call judge to protect the plaintiff from the abuse. For this order, the defendant doesn’t get to give any inputs. They get notified that they have got a PFA order. However, the nature of this type of order is temporary. After this, the plaintiff can file a plea for an ex parte PFA order. This order should be issued by the court after a hearing. However, the defendant doesn’t get to give any input in this matter too. They will be notified by the court.

The third type of PFA order is the final PFA order. This order is issued by the court after a hearing, where the plaintiff and the defendant get to present their argument and evidence. This is a crucial one where the terms of the PFA get determined too. Even if you are served with a PFA order, you still can give inputs for the provisions and terms of the PFA order. During this stage, the Pittsburgh PFA lawyer will represent you in the court and guide you to get the rightful justice.

Criminal Charges Associated With PFA Order

Along with some serious criminal charges, the defendant gets the PFA order. After this, they will be charged if the terms of the PFA order are violated. While the state doesn’t define the violation of PFA order to be something in particular. But this violation will get you criminal contempt. Even if you inadvertently violate the PFA order, you will get criminal contempt. For this, you will get six months of jail time and a fine of up to $1000. Along with this, a criminal record will be there in your name. That is why you need to connect with a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer.

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