Disregarding Traffic Devices

Disregarding traffic devices and violating traffic rules in Pennsylvania can lead to major problems. It is one of the strictest places when it comes to a traffic offense. A Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney can explain the rules to you in detail.

It is possible that you were distracted or the sunlight fell on your eyes, and hence you missed the red light signal. The police will definitely notice this leading to some major consequences.

One or more than one violation tickets can lead to difficulties and problems like points on your records, hefty amounts of fines, sky-high car insurance premium rates and even suspension of license. That is why you should always fight your ticket. You should hire professional help for this. So, once you get a ticket, you should not delay in contacting a Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer.

Things You Need to Know about Failing to Stop at a Traffic Light

If you drive through a red light in Pennsylvania, then expect to get a ticket. Also, you can be charged for a traffic offense if you drive through a blinking red traffic light without stopping. You can also get a ticket if you drive through a broken light without stopping.

Apart from all these, you might as well receive a ticket for disregarding traffic devices if you turn right at a red light traffic signal which has a sign warning saying that right turns are prohibited when the red signal is on. And yes, if you are convicted of these, PennDOT will add three points to your driving records. And that can lead to various difficulties. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you should always retain a reputed and experienced traffic ticket lawyer in the Pittsburgh area. The investment is totally worth it.

Red-Light Camera Tickets

Cameras have been installed at certain intersections in Pittsburgh to monitor cars that do not stop at red lights. If you mistakenly run a red light at any of these intersections, then expect to receive a ticket through the mail. The cameras take a snap of your license plate, and they are installed in several intersections here.

Probable Defenses that can be put up by Your Criminal Lawyer

Family member – It might be possible that your car has missed a red light, but you were not driving at that time. So, your lawyer can easily prove that you were not at the wheel at that time. But, that doesn’t mean you have to inform them about who was actually driving the vehicle.

Date of camera installation – A ticket cannot be issued until the camera has been used for at least 60 days. Your criminal lawyer should always check the date of installation of the camera.

Check the date of your ticket – You have to check if the ticket was mailed to you within 30 days of the occurrence of the incident. If it was mailed to you later, then a criminal lawyer in the Pittsburgh area can easily fight against this.

Things to Do if the Police Pull You Over

If you are pulled over by the police, then make sure you turn off the ignition but, don’t get out of the car. Also, don’t argue with the police officer, be calm and polite.

Never delay in contacting a Pittsburgh lawyer when you get a traffic ticket for disregarding traffic devices. You will require professional help to get the best possible outcome. Make sure that he has sufficient experience in fighting these kinds of cases, so that he uses his expert knowledge to get you out of the situation as quickly as possible.

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