Domestic Violence Charges During Covid-19

'Stay at Home' situations have increased the surge of Domestic Violence and Pennsylvania has not been an exception to the case. The courtroom hours have lessened and Sean Logue, a Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer believes that victims are now more reluctant to report a crime. The person accused of a domestic order charged against him or her might also feel similar confusion when it comes to their representation. Logue Law Group has come to their rescue! 

We have compiled important information related to Covid-19 and how domestic violence cases are dealt with in this situation.

What Do You Know About the Domestic Violence Charge?

The state of Pennsylvania does not identify domestic charges as a separate crime however if a person has committed assault, battery, false imprisonment, sexual abuse, etc. against a partner, spouse, or any member of the family unit, criminal charges can be made based on the incident. A Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer understands that domestic violence can result in different criminal charges based on the severity of the incident.

In case an alleged victim fails to charge a domestic abuse charge against the accused, he/she has to file the civil charge. The victim may ask for Protection from Abuse (PFA) and the court will forbid the accused from maintaining any contact with the person. If you are a parent, who has been charged with PFA, the domestic violence victim might file charges which could lead to zero visitation with your kids. A good Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer will suggest you maintain civility and follow court orders.

What Will Happen if My Spouse Calls the Police on Me During COVID-19 for Possible Domestic Violence?

If the police have been called suspect of domestic violence, they will look for probable causes before making any judgments.

They will issue an arrest if,

  • They witness any violent exchange between the parties involved
  • They see any physical harm made to the accused
  • Any third party comes with evidence or testimony of witnessing the crime
  • They find you guilty of maintaining contact with the victim after PFA had been issued.
How Will COVID-19 Affect My Domestic Violence Case?

If you are involved in the proceedings of a Domestic Violence case during the Pandemic, the case will proceed differently than before. Your Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer will present you to the state via video conferencing or other virtual methods. There will be no difference, in the procedure, but safety measures will be undertaken by the state.

Will I stay in Jail during Covid-19?

Various safety protocols are being undertaken however it is not possible for the courts too, maintain social distancing in jail. You can negotiate with the court regarding your jail time with the help of your lawyer during the pandemic.

How Can I Seek Professional Help During My Trial?

Lawyer Sean Logue has successfully dealt with many Pittsburgh Domestic Violence cases. If you are someone seeking help, when accused of similar criminal charges, contact Sean Logue for the best possible guidance.

Sean Logue has been successfully working as a Criminal Defense Lawyer for many years. If you are somehow who is confused about defense trials and are looking for advice, Attorney Sean Logue can be contacted 24*7 for free consultations. For any kind of defense case, contact him at (412) 612-2210 and get immediate help.

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