Domestic Violence Defenses in Pennsylvania

According to the National Statistics of USA, 20 people are abused per minute by an inti8mte partner, husband, or ex-partner too. Men also experience different kinds of abuse however there number is less if compared to women. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has described domestic violence as "intimidation, battery, sexual assault, and other abusive behavior" which occurs between two partners.

When you are facing such allegations, it is necessary to hire the services of an experienced Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer. He/She can aid you throughout the process and present you with defenses that will save you from the terrible consequences of a domestic violence charge. Law Logue Group gives you accurate advice regarding domestic violence defenses and the way that your lawyer will handle the case to your benefit.

What is the Pennsylvania Protection From Abuse Act?

Pennsylvania Domestic Relations department has laid down situations that can be considered domestic violence as per state laws-

  • Acts that are committed with the intention of bodily harm, severe bodily injury, rape, forced intercourse, or sexual assault towards a partner.
  • Acts in which the abuser creates unfavorable, fearful, and uncomfortable circumstances for the victim. Stalking may also be considered.
  • Physical or sexual oriented abuse acts committed towards minor children.

If your partner accuses you of a domestic violence charge it will be due to one of these abovesaid reasons. Once you are charged with this criminal offense, an experienced Pittsburgh PFA Lawyer is the first person to contact. Sean Logue has been successfully handling similar cases in Pittsburgh for a long time. He is available for a free consultation at 844-PITT-DUI. Call him now, to have the finest defense attorney on board.

Does Pennsylvania Have a Domestic Violence Charge?

A good Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer will enlighten you about the fact that the state in itself does not have a domestic violence charge. However, acts of aggravated assault, stalking, recklessly endangering, strangulation, will be considered criminal and the alleged abuser has to face maximum penalties. When you are accused of a domestic violence charge, it is more than your money at stake. For working professionals, their whole careers can turn to waste, if they are found guilty. The defense lawyer should prepare you to present a strong case in the court of law to prevent such detrimental consequences to your life.

What Kinds of Defenses Are Applicable in a Domestic Violence Case?Self-Defense

This is one of the most popular defenses in a domestic violence charge. Your lawyer can claim that you were trying to protect yourself or a 'third-party' from a physical attack on you.

Lack of Intention

Your lawyer can present in the court that there was no intent on your behalf to cause bodily harm to the accused. He/She can also present in this defense that you had no prior i8nclination to be aggressive towards the victim.

No Serious Body Harm.

Your lawyer can challenge the victim's claim by presenting the defense that there is no serious harm meted to him/her. Since the entire charge depends on medical records and visual proofs, dissatisfactory evidence can become a good defense on your behalf.

Logue Law Group is here to help with all information necessary to put up a strong defense. If you need a Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Lawyer who will assist you in your times of dire need, Sean Logue is your best choice. He has successfully handled many such cases. Contact him at (412) 612-2210 for free consultations regarding any domestic violence defense case.

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