DUI Charges and Licensed Professionals

DUI conviction does more harm to you than mere fines and prison terms. It can have a direct bearing on your career and ability to find good jobs. If you are a licensed professional consequences can be even more damaging. DUI conviction can also lead to suspension of your occupational license or its revocation. For students who are about to seek an occupational license it can severely restrict entry into the profession. Here is how DUI conviction affects licensed professionals and to avoid them you should get in touch with a Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer.

  • Doctors – In the case of doctors it isn’t impossible for the Pennsylvania Medical Board to cancel your license. In most cases you will have to undergo a special hearing where your fitness and character to be in this profession would be gauged. You may also have to pay higher malpractice insurance premiums and if you choose to hide your DUI conviction you can lose your license to practice.

  • Dentists – It is mandatory for dentists to report DUI convictions when it comes to renewal of their license. The State Board of Dentistry reviews each application and assesses your individual case. In case you are applying for a fresh license you must disclose your DUI convictions and the board would assess your case.

  • Lawyers – Lawyers don’t have it easy either as the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania makes it mandatory to report all convictions. Their malpractice rates goes up and they can lose their bar license.

  • Nurses – Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing makes it mandatory to report conviction and also whether they went to an ARD when it comes to license renewal. The Board often disciplines nurses if they are convicted in a DUI case or are addicted to illegal substances or alcohol.

  • Pharmacists – Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy needs to be aware of DUI conviction for pharmacists. The Professional Compliance Office determines the penalties by reviewing every case individually. They may also be ordered to undergo the Professional Health Monitoring Program’s Voluntary Recovery Program.

  • Pilots – The Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Action Security Division makes it mandatory to report DUI convictions and license suspension within 60 days. Failure to do so can mean denial, revocation or suspension of pilot’s license.

  • Commercial Drivers – Truck drivers, bus drivers and taxi drivers who hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) have different legal limits and BAC levels of 0.04% or more can attract DUI charges. A commercial driver can be held guilty of DUI even if he/she is driving a personal vehicle and can lose CDL and personal license for a year. If found driving the commercial vehicle under influence they can lose license for an additional year. In case of drivers transporting hazardous chemicals CDL can be suspended for three years. If a driver is charged with DUI for a second time he/she can lose CDL for life.

  • Police – They don’t have it any easier and face the same consequences as others. The punishment is based on the record of the officer apart from the general consequences that they have to face.

  • Teachers – Teachers convicted with DUI face harsh punishment from their employer where every school system handles teachers having its own set of rules to deal with the offender based on the actual circumstances around the event. They can lose their teaching license if the DUI case also involved drugs.

  • Firefighters – The fire department deals with DUI convictions very strongly and it can also result in loss of job.

  • EMTs – EMTs need to report DUI conviction within 30 days to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. In most case the EMT license is suspended. It becomes almost impossible for one to apply for a Certified EMT license with DUI conviction.

How Your Pittsburgh Lawyer Can Help

As you can clearly see consequence of DUI conviction can be shattering for licensed professionals and that is why you need a good DUI Lawyer in Pittsburgh by your side to fight for your rights and safeguard your interests. Each case is different and the attorney would prepare a tailored strategy to defend you.

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